Feeling the cold!

I dont know if this is weird or not but has anyone else experienced a reduction in body temperature at rest the MORE they train? I thought it was all to do with circulation and that more activity would equal better circulation. It seems to be doing the opposite! While I train and run I wear very little(!) and really feel warm but am generally feeling the cold a great deal more when inactive, especially in hands which turn white (Reynauds)
Is it lack of body fat?? (BMI 19.8)


  • dont know - have you always felt the cold?
    I've noticed the temperature change in the last week or so. I've got underactive thyroid and feeling the cold can be symptom

    Are you refuelling enough, and eating enough hot foods, some foods like hot spicy foods are good for increasing body heat.

    Have you tried taking your waking body temperature?

    just a few ideas - hope they help
  • Thanks bune!
    I have always been a "hot" person; hence my puzzlement! Coinciding with doing more training, I think it probably has a lot to do with needing to eat a bit (quite a lot!) more. I will concentrate on that and will think about getting thyroid checked if no improvement.
    Appreciate your posting!
  • sounds like you may need to increase your food intake and your BMI sounds a bit low.
    When I was very fit or training a lot/too much I was quite lean and used to feel the cold although my BMI was normal range. I didnt have much of an appetite so it was easy to undereat.

    Have a look at the nutition stuff in RW and treat yourself everynow and then - rice pudding and porridge -not together - are favourites of mine now its getting chilly out, and chillis too- if you like tomatoes tomato soup with some hot salsa stirred in is quite warming!
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