Silly "newbie" questions...

I am new to running/jogging. I have lost 38.8 lbs. since 2/20/13, I have made a lifestyle change by eating "clean" and exercising.

Tonight was my 3rd run, and I ran 1 mile. I am trying to ease into it.

Last week I ran a bit further, 1.65 miles.

My first run was also only 1 mile, but I know I have to go slow...I know it's unrealistic to get out and run 3 miles in a week when I am just starting.

So, one of my sily questions is this:

I am only 5 ft. tall, so when I run with my daughter, or my BF, they have to stop or run in place to wait for me.

Is it okay for me to run at a slower pace? I can't run too fast, my legs are short! LOL

Should I run every other day? 

How many days should I run?

I am hoping to do a 5K in October with some friends.

Is it okay for me NOT to eat after I run?

I run at night, when it just starts to get dark and cool off, so I don't want to eat late and undo the good I am doing by running, you know?

Okay, well thanks in advance for any answers you can give me. image 


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  • Many questions........

    You should run at your own pace. Don't worry if others are quicker than you they will have to wait. Everybody runs at different pace.

    Have a look at the Couch to 5k

    You don't really need to eat after running a mile or 2 so I wouldn't worry image

    Have I missed something SR?

  • Yeah, what about my shorts?

  • I am not qualified to answer on the shorts question (don't like green) but I'm very very good at being a very very bad runner.

    Lots of experience on that one.

    So, yes, run at your own pace.  You should be going slowly enough that you can maintain a slightly breathless conversation.  At first, this may mean you're being overtaken by old ladies with zimmer frames.  That's okay.  You will get faster, inspite of having little legs. 

    Agree with TheVicar - couch to 5k is worth looking at, as it gives you a progressive structure to work to.  In not very long, you'll be running for 20 minutes.  All in one go!  Without stopping.  And from there it's easy.

  • TheVicar wrote (see)

    There you are,

    They look like proper bad boysimage


    Thanks - Can you find me some yellow ones to go with my superfast yellow running shirt?


    1B2G- congratulations on the weight loss.  As The Vicar says, food shouldn't be too much of a factor for a run of 1-2 miles.  As you increase your distances you will find that eating soon after a run is actually optimal for recovery and weight management. 

    Run at your own comfortable pace.

    Don't run every day until you have built up some stamina; even then it is better to ensure a couple of days a week with no running, allowing your joints etc to adapt and recover.


  • Just realised that this is a serious thread. Sorry, I genuinely thought it was a joke.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    1: Run at your pace

    2: eat after or not. it's up to you. You aren't going to be burning many calories 80-100 per mile  that's it.. if you are still dieting then don't get into bad habits of thinking I've run so I can have a treat. You don't burn enough unless you run serious distances to have many treats. 

    3: 3 times a week is a good starting point 

    4: enjoy it image 

    5: yes you can easily do 5k in Octoberimage if snot July / Augustimage


  • SR lol So did you win the shorts on Ebayimage

  • SR - hahahahahaah I thought the same hahahahahaha

  • Good on you and some sensible advice on building your fitness above.

    just drop the height excuse, plenty of world class athletes In the low 5s

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