Speed sessions

I train at a pace of about 9:30/10:00 miles, I do about 25/30 miles a week. What my problem is that when I decide to do so speed sessions I get pain in both my hamstrings. I have trying interval training tempo fartlik etc but every time I try to go faster than what I plode along at I seem to get this pain for a few days after. Anybody got any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I warmup for 10/15 mins and warmdown fo rthe same?? Any ideas please????



  • Do you strech before or after?

    What surface is it on?

    Is it pain or just tight achey muscle's?

    How old are your shoes?
  • I stretch after every run and it's on road/trail. The pain is a tight feeling and my shoes are 2 months old...........Iain
  • Well that all sounds ok, but that does not help you.

    You could try iceing after the sessions for a while & see if that helps.

    How often do you do these efforts?
  • I try to do them once a week but every time I start I get the same problems. Is there any stretching just for the hamstrings I colud do??..........Iain
  • Sit on the flour, with your legs out in front.
    Then bring one leg in so the bottom of your foot is against the knee.
    Gently lean forward until you feel a stretch in the hamstring.
    Repeat 3 times but don't over do it.
    You could try this after a warm bath.

    I hope this makes sense?
  • I'll try that for a few weeks and see if that cures it....Cheers Iain
  • Iain, another good one which does a 'deeper' stretch is;

    Lay on your back and bend your right knee (foot still on floor)

    Then with your left leg, rest your left ankle / lower leg on right knee.

    Grab hold of your right lower leg by putting your left arm through the 'gap' and your right arm round the outside of your right leg.

    Bring your right knee to your chest and feel the stretch in your left hip.

    Repeat on the other side.

    Btw, I had to do this in the comfort of my office with my skirt up by my waist to see if I'm describing this right! lol! Good job I work alone!

    I don't just concentrate on my hamstrings but also include the IT band, Psoas muscle and glutes to get a balanced stretching routine.

    Hope this helps.
  • PS Stretch every day for 15 mins....warm muscles only!
  • It's likely that they are also weak in comparison to your quads which will have been built up to be shock-absorbers for your slower runs. If you have access to a gym have a go on the hamstring machine with lots of light reps or better still use a Swiss ball and do some of the bridge exercises for hamstrings.

    [obviously all in addition to Roz-type stretches.]
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