Bristol Half Marathon Training Plans


The 16 week training plans for the Bristol Half Marathon were released a couple of days ago. It will be my first Half Marathon in September.  I'm looking forward to it!

I started training back in February and went from sofa to race ready in time for the Bristol 10K in May and achieved a time of 1:05 and beat that in Forest of Dean last weekend with 1:03.  I would love to get my PB down to sub 60 minutes by the end of June for the Women's Running race so I will be working on that this month as well as working with the training plans to be marathon ready in September. 

Is anyone else following the plans and what are your best or worse experiences of Half Marathon training? 



  • Well done on the training and your improvement made so far. I do my own training plan (gym or swimming once a week, 1 long and 1 short run rest of week). Have done 15 HM's and 3 London Marathon's and it seems to suit me pretty well.

    Doing Bristol again as a lovely course but when I did it in 2009 had a cold the week of the race and had near exhaustion at 9 miles (strangely felt fine at 8 miles but went pear-shaped suddeny) so had to walk the rest so not happy about that. Am trying to lay that ghost to rest by hopefully posting somewhere near a 1 hour 50/55 finish.

    Should be a nice medal (although my 2009 was a good one) with it being the 25th anniversary and all image

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