As I'm just having some quark for breakfast I was wondering if anyone eats it as well, as it does not seem to be as popular over here than in Germany. I like mine with a bit of sugar and some fruit like banana, strawberries or blueberries. image


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    My mrs tried it once in a pasta dish as she's on slimming world and they thinks its better for you.

    Lets just say, never again!
  • I have never used it for cooking, only for breakfast and deserts. Some people put it on their sandwiches but that's not for me. I need it a bit sweeter so I always put sugar in itimage
  • I do. Jindalee, try mixing it with salted caramel.

    Also, the fat-free quark is amazing for a really light baked cheesecake.

  • Literatin, I started to think I am the only one. Glad there is someone else image that sounds interesting. But where do I get salted caramel? Do you buy it like that or do you mix it yourself?
  • You can buy it in jars in France, but it can be quite hard to find in England. Mine is from a breton-style creperie (French people spread it on pancakes as well as stirring it into their fromage blanc). But if you can't get any you can make your own: http://www.recipegirl.com/2011/12/17/salted-caramel-sauce-printable-labels/

    Edit: here's some.

  • Ah thanks literatin, Will have a look on the internet later. image Otherwise might need to look into making my own, or persuade my french colleagues to get me some when they go back there on holiday image
  • Oh, yeah, that'd be easiest. They can get it from Monoprix.

  • image might need to bribe them, I will make them a cake if they get it for meimage
  • I thought it was the noise that Posh ducks made

  • I thought it was an elementary particle - I eat those all the time.

  • NO. I also refuse to eat any other Ferengi 

  • Isn't quark an elementary particle?

  • It is a delicious yoghurt-like creamy cheese, and you lot don't know what you're missing. image

  • It's not delicious, it's a bit yoghurt like and taste nothing like chesse. In fact it tastes of nothing. Just creamy nothingness. Total waste of money.

  • It is delicious. In a sort of nothingy way. The problem is you can mostly only get the fat-free version here, which is only good for cooking with. You need the proper hardcore full-fat stuff for real enjoyment.

  • Ah, I also eat full-fat yoghurt. Yum.

  • I agree that they have a much bigger variety in Germany but the low fat quark is ok for me. I like that it doesn't have much taste on its own so you can prepare it the way you like image.Bought 3 more packs today, and some blueberries YUM!

    Bionic ironwolf- you are in Germany? may I ask whereabouts? Sorry, for being nosy but as I am German myself I have to ask. I was born in M??nster, and also lived in D??sseldorf for about 6 years.
  • Give me a nice strong cheddar any day.

  • We must stop agreeing like this image

  • Just had some gouda. image

    Going to have quark later image
  • Gouda for breakfast? Very German. image

  • yes, guess so. can't deny it can I? image

    ...but went for a 13 mile run first so I thought I treat myself image
  • I love German breakfast! Also with ham and pickles. And I especially like the way in Germany you have to get all of the jars out of the fridge and put them on the table, even if you have already decided which one you want, and then just put them all back unopened after breakfast (but at no other mealtime).

  • LOL true Literatin, The German like their breakfasts. it's quite popular to go out for Breakfast on Sundays. There are places who do amazing breakfast buffets with everything you could possibly want. Yes even sausages but no beansimage lol
  • Just don't mention the Gulf War. You started it! No we didn't you invaded Kuwait!

  • Bionic Ironwolf. that's sounds nice. image I always lived in NRW before moving to UK.
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