Vanguard Way Marathon

Will the route be marked or is map/note reading required?


  • The website doesn't seem to say anything about the event itself. I presume it is for runners, rather than walkers?

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    The route itself is fairly well marked with finger posts and little discs on the gates and styles in East Sussex at least. I wouldn't want to try and follow it without a map. ESx have been having a revamp of their finger posts and signage along a lot of paths.

    Do you have a Garmin or similar GPS watch that you can dl the map route to?

    The event is being hosted by the 100 marathon club so I would presume runners. I can't access their website though.

  • Ah, of course. The psychopaths that are the 100-marathon club. It should be a good event with them organising it. Their website is working at the moment, as I keep it on my favourites -

  • I think it's for runners and walkers. Yes we could do with a bit more information, couldn't we?


  • Ok sorry for neglecting you people , the route will be marked so it gets you up and out onto the north downs, lots of trail routes to navigate but all entrants will be emailed a detailed map/route and can pick one p on the day itself, I will be impossible to get lost on this route as you will be following some of the most experienced trail runners in the United Kingdom !

    This is challenge and I hope the low entry of ??10 does not deter you, mainly to encourage a lot of the 100 marathon members along to take this on as the annual AGM race .

    You can also enter via Run Britain too, so pls check their site out, which has some details , I'll probably only accept up to 200 runners , as I want this event to both unique and enjoyable for all runners / standards taking part .


  • This could be useful for me as someone central London based who is trying to train for an off-road event in September.

    Gareth - can you give us some idea about marshalling, water stations &c?  

  • Water stations every 6 miles , so start then 6 miles then 13 miles , then 19 miles then the finish , which is fine for most runners , you can always carry a bottle if you feel it necessary

    I will get marshals to help at key crossings , but basically you will be on trail paths with nothing holding you up

    It's the best value full trail marathon for only ??10 if you are affiliated to a club, oath wise ??12 , great value I can assure you !!



    Race Director VGW marathon
  • Ok, I'll do this. Will sign up on payday when I've got £12 to spare!

  • That is excellent news 33riggins ! The entries will be closing soon as I have to order for the entry numbers, so please bear that in mind ! Many thanks
  • Sounds good. Do you need the SAE as requested on the universal entry form or will information be by email with number pick up on the day?

  • I've signed up Gareth, looking forward to it!

  • Any chance I can get number 33? image

  • Hello Gareth ... I was planning to enter this event in about a week's time, after doing the Croydon Ultra (getting a idea of the area!) but I don't want to miss out ... do you think you will still be accepting entries then? Cheers.

  • entries on the day???


  • Possibly , I will keep entries to 100 maximum so there is space for another 30 runners right now. Ultra bobbin , unlikely to do entries on the day, better to play safe and book your place up . The entry fee is only ??10 for affil.

    Riggin I'll see what I can do about your special 33 number.....!


  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    I've followed that advice and entered, thanks. Live nearby and sounds appealing at this price as well as that it's an area I haven't run before. And with an early Saturday start - perfect!

    I saw the maps on the Vanguard site, so will probably have a look through out of interest before hand. I saw the Lloyds Park for the start, what's the turnaround please anyone? (not that interested that I'm going to get a ruler out and measure out the 13m!)

  • Turnaround as per the vanguard way website just before the you get to the road a25 after taking the pedestrian bridge over the m25 passing a farm and sand quarry place.

    Approx 13 miles
  • Entry in. Fingers crossed I don't get lost!

  • I'll send all the runners via email, a full map description from google maps , plus a written directions , plus there will tape and arrow signs marking the route out and back , you really only need to be able to navigate 13 miles, because then you will return , you should have no problems navigating . Thanks .
  • Having survived the Croydon 30 on Sunday I have taken a deep breath and entered the VGWM! Gareth, I am trusting you that the directions will be clearer than clear ...! Cheers image

  • Just cut and paste link into browser and you will get a flavour of what to expect, I'll email all runners maps,written directions, map my run, plus the course will be marked with tape and some sprays
  • Thanks Gareth really love the taster video. Looks awesome apart from the bulls!!!


  • Thanks glad you liked the link, was a lot of fun running and snapping and then compiling the short film !!
  • hi gareth any entries left forthis lovely sounding race.

  • Scared! Have i made a mistake entering this? Was hoping a run/ walk/walk aproach would be ok.. ? Have only run two marathons in past and not much time to fit in much training, but love the thought of a day out in the country trails!


  • Not a mistake at all - it's a fantastic race! There were a few run-walking last year as it was hot and hillier than you might first think for inside the M25, so you won't be alone in taking that approach. Gareth's email has said there will be some more course markings and route description this year which should make life a bit easier as there was a bit of confusion last time around (thinking of the front runners bombing off in the wrong direction about a quarter of a mile in!). Submitting my entry later today...


  • Thank you for reply and words of encouragement 33riggins. I'll try and keep my nerves and fear in control!! your words give me a little more confidence to just give it a go. It would be a massive shift out of my comfort zone, but sounds like a great run and and an incredible challenge.

  • Am also considering this after doing the Croydon Ultra yesterday. Who would have thought Croydon could be so hilly and countryfied !!  image



    Just cut and paste link into browser and you will get a flavour of what to expect, I'll email all runners maps,written directions, map my run, plus the course will be marked with tape and some sprays
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