Vanguard Way Marathon



  • Hi Gaz - has the email for this gone out yet? Very much looking forward to it and hoping the weather stays cooler as forecast, anything over 25 degrees starts to get a bit uncomfortable for me.

    9.30 start in Lloyd Park I'm assuming?

  • Yes it will, send me an email to and I'll forward you the final runners instructions so you have everything . Temp should be ok this coming Sunday , and last years rutted section before chelsham common has been fully patched up and looked superb and feels brilliant to run along ( thank you to me and Surrey CC works for actually doing the work , if you ran last year you will see what I mean after 5 miles or so .. )
  • Emailed you...

    Trying to remember the section but it's not coming back to me. I think by the 21 mile mark last time I wouldn't have noticed if I'd been running on a soft covering of duck down and rose petals I was that knackered. But well done anyway on looking after the paths, will keep an eye out.

  • Ok excellent, I ran it last weekend and it was really nice and scenic. Say hello on Sunday , all the best

  • Thanks to all the marshals and yourself for yesterday Gaz, that was great fun again. Improved on my last year's time by 40 minutes to 4:49 and had a lot of fun hammering the downhills and then being overtaken by everyone I'd just gone past whilst I was recovering on the flats. A couple of wrong turns as you'd expect, but overall course markings better than last year. I'm feeling alright today, bit of a sore ankle from a few trips on those awkward rutted fields before the M25, but everything else feels alright. Also, thought the relayed paths section was great, thanks to all involved in that. 

    See you again in 2015?

  • I've been following this thread since I first started running in July, and although I was in no way near fit enough to tackle it this year, I'm hoping that it returns in 2015 as it sounds like a great challenge.

  • Yes it's on. I am building a website.

    Merv nutburn has done a rewrite of the route directions so it's easier to follow out and back. I hope to enlist some of the wonderful friendly marshals who helped out in 2014 . It's scheduled for aug 2nd 2015 same start place , lloyd park

    Thanks !!
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