Pain Behind Shoulder

I've just started running within the last three weeks and have found a pain behind the left shoulder which seems to come & go, usually in a change of effort or when I start a run. My instinct tells me that its a breathing related problem. But then again my instinct told me that England would beat Brazil! Anyone got any suggestions?


  • Could be due to tension in the muscles.
    Try to "run loose" - don't hunch your shoulders, keep your arms relaxed and don't clench your fists - the tension from this goes right up the arms.
  • Hey,
    You may have hit on something there. I too sit at PC all day and spend first 15mins with clenched fists just waiting for a smart ar*ed remark from an eight year old........ but that doesn't explain why it happens later on in the run when i'm a bit more chilled out. Anyway thanks for the reply Cornish.I will try to relax.
  • Remember - it's not just the hands, but the arms and shoulders that you need to keep relaxed.
    I used to suffer from terribly stiff shoulders / neck after races and put that down to tension when running hard.

    Glad it seems to be working.
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