Wenlock Olympian Walk

Hi, Who's doing this and has anyone done it before?


  • Did the 100 last year. This follows the first 50 miles of that route in reverse. Wenlock-Wilderhope-Clee hill- craven arms- Acton Scott- caradoc- Lawley- hughley-wenlock.

    signed up and looking forward to it

  • Hi Chris, 

    Any tips?  Also do you know where the results are from last year for either the 50 or 100?

    Why are they not doing the 100 this year?


  • Its pretty runnable, undulating with a few steep climbs on Clee hill, Caer Caradoc and the Lawley. The route description doesn't cover every aspect of the route, it does perhaps every 3rd point. This could be tricky if you don't know the area and go wrong matching the description to the map.

    The checkpoints are approx every 12 miles which i quite like but some feel that this is too far.

    I don't know where the results are online but i have a paper copy, anything you want to know in particular?

    The 100 is only being done in olympic year with 50's being done on the intervening years.

  • Thanks for that.  I'll be using the GPX route downloaded onto my Garmin which I have had experience with before on the Sandstone Trail but it's not 100% fool prove because I went wrong a couple of times.  

    I've ordered an OS map so I'll study that.  I've also put the GPX route online: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/221180727 this has a 3D overview.

    What were the top 5 finishing times last year? 

  • just been out and the route up to the shoulder of Caer Caradoc is not too bad, however the short pull up to the Gaerstone on Hope Bowdler Hill is steep. There are some really thick sheep after this climb, they ran 3/4 mile along the path in front of me rather than step to the side of the path, i seem to remember that they did the same thing last year! also of note certain parts of the route hold water very well, these are mainly near the end after the Lawley there are two really wet bits. There is one possibly bad bit early on between Easthope and Wilderhope where the landowner doesn't like people using rights of way across their land, there is mud and cow muck that can get quite deep on the ROW at all but the driest times.

    Results for the 50 last year

    1st - 11h 15m by someone who was doing the 100

    2nd - 11h 36m

    3rd - 11h 45m by someone doing the 100

    4th - 11h 58m

    5th - 11h 59m

  • Hi Chris, 

    I've looked at my map and noted the points that you've mentioned.  From looking at those winning times I wondering if I'm being too ambitious thinking I could run it in about 7 or 8 hours.  I have done a marathon in 2h33m and the Sandstone Trail (in a training run) in 4h40m which is 34 miles over 5000ft total ascent.  

    This will be my first Ultradistance and I think the important thing to do is take my time and learn from any mistakes made. 

    I'm thinking of taking 9bars for food.  I'll have a bladder in my Camelbak for water, carry the OS map and data sheets.  The info on the website says to take a first aid pack.  Do you have any advice on that?  Can I get away without taking one or are the organisors strict?  A few plasters would be all I would take with some vaseline.

    Thanks for your help, 


  • It can certainly be run quicker than last years times, it was very wet ground but with a very hot sun overhead!

    The organisers are not strict but i take a first aid kit as advised. There is a long way between checkpoints and in places your quite a way from civilisation.


  • Hello again, 

    Thanks for the message.  I was speaking to a colleague in work yesterday who works at a different location and found our that they are doing it too.  They are walking it.  Just in case you may know him (it's a small world afterall) his name is James Smith, works for the NFU Mutual. 

    In a few weeks I'm going to have a practice at navagating up Moel Famau using my Garmin. 

    Bye for now. 


  • It's going to be hot hot hot


  • Good running last Saturday Daniel, Well done!

     unfortunately i bombed out at Acton Scott having emptied the contents of my stomach along the southern end of Wenlock Edge!

    From the sounds of it you and Andy? ran the whole route together, you obviously managed to keep generally on track after we split.


    Again, congratulations may see you on other ultras in the future


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