From the mouths of children...

Half the preparation for the Half on the 20th has been extensive begging for sponsorship (for CLIC - Cancer and Leukemia in Childhood), including at the Sailing Club (the cancer survivor in question is an 11 year old sailor). From a twelve-year old sailor:

"You're going to do what?"
"Run a half marathon."
"You are?"
"That's right."

A 90 second pause ensued, in which he looked at me very carefully, and thought how to phrase his next question.

"It's not like sailing races, is it, where you get timed out if you're too slow, is it?"

But in the boy's defence, he and his twin sister dug deep into their pockets and their mother made the difference up to five quid!


  • Ahh, love him!!!!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    I was bathing my 4 year old son tonight and asked him if he knew where pumice stone came from. Of course I know, he said, Marks & Spencer!
  • My daughter (four and a half) asked me if God lived under the grass. I said no - why? - she said, well how does he hold up all the trees?
  • My three year old after his first week on a British school (his first langauages are Turkish and Dutch)

    "When you want something you have to say please". I asked him what it meant, his answer: "Give it to me now!!!!!!!"

  • My five year old on the telephone yesterday with his grandmother:

    "OK I will pass you to my brother now." when his brother refused to talk: " you have to talk to her or she will get upset" His brother replied "but I don't want to" Then without covering the phone: " no one wants to talk to her, I don't, mummy and daddy don't, but we have to or else she'll get upset. "
  • To Nana: "Daddy forgot it was your birthday but it was OK because the petrol station sold flowers"

    Nick (c1966)
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    "Mummy, you've got three colours of hair - light brown, dark brown and white." Daughter aged 8, no wonder she's learned to run fast.
  • Kevin the Teenager, aged just two, to paternal grandmother: "Grandma, you're very old, aren't you? Are you going to die soon?" compounded by "I don't like Uncle Apatosaurus (Grandma's other son) cos he's a psychopaff." Grandma looks accusingly at mother and says, "I don't have to guess who she picked that up from."
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