Yateley 10k (August)

DustinDustin ✭✭✭
I'm 715, in the URWFRC blue/yellow vest, or (if it's not out the wash) a blue shirt with union jacks.
Say hello under the trees near the start?
I'd like to beat last months 42.03 pb but legs still a bit stiff after Sundays trail race (see other thread) so I'll see how they are tomorrow.

See you there....


  • Hi Dustin,

    I'm number 593 and easily spotted by the knees. I'd like to beat 44.12 but I'm not sure if its likely.

    Keith I believe is number 344.

    Under the tree it is then, see you there
  • Neal Jeffs, Brain Wakem, do you have your numbers?
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