shin and back pain ideas? running deteriorating

im having trouble with lower back pain coupled with shin pain on the outer shin. (compartment syndrome or shin splints?)

Physio told me to shorten my stride, land mid foot and re align my posture which i have done. Still confused?

I have had this since xmas, rested, run for a few weeks and then it has come back and this cycle has been repeated about twice.

When i have trained in these intermittent periods, hills feel impossible and my running has not improved over time whilst training and doing sessions but has got worse(slower).

Anyone have any ideas


  • I would check your foot biomechanics.  Can you load/pronate and unload/supinate efficently when running - the shin & back pain suggests not... 

    Could also be tight/weak or mis-firing gluts.

  • i have insoles for over pronation (flat footed/fallen arches) 

    have been doing glut firing exercises consitently for a year. (3 diff types) and overall strengthening exercises (calves, quads, hamstrings, all glut muscles, hips and abs)

    i am baffled

  • Hmm, How long have you had the insoles?  Did problem start b4 you started using them?  For that matter, did anything change around the time the problem started?   

    I assume you have tried progressively longer runs after resting - Not just running 5 - 10k in your first run.   The body needs time to adapt and grow stronger.  Your feet need to pronate when you run, it is nature's way of shock absorbing especially when running.  If the insoles are controlling/stopping this motion too much it could be creating this problem.

    Everyone is different and your "overpronation" maybe normal/natural to you. Pronation is closely associated with glut function,  if you have strengthened your gluts a lot you will have altered your foot strike mechanics, even more so now you have altered your stride.

    Has physio mobilised your foot and ankle joints? Stronger gluts and legs could mean your body is crying out for 'springy-er' feet to absorb more force but stiff joints in your feet could mean your shins and back are having to absorb the excess.



  • I have had shin splints for two months now I with no improvement despite miniimal milage and seeing two physios.  Aim thinking about buying a bike.....

    reckon it was caused  too small shoes.  Newtons reduced the width of the 2013 models.  Bought a pair in March wrecked my legs. Found a 2012 pair in time for the marathon and completed it but was too late to save my leg.

  • "Found a 2012 pair in time for the marathon and completed it but was too late to save my leg."  Sounds terminal..!  But hopefully you will recover.

    Non-weight bearing exercise like cycling or swmming is perfect for 'shin splints' because it work the muscles of the calf and shin without the impact forces you get from running.  Running should be reintroduced gradually into your training.

  • I have recently started running again, and I am not going too far too quick. However recently I have been getting pain in the right hand side of my right shin. Is this from having a tight calf or could there be some other reason?


  • Snakehips - could be tight calf, more likely tight anterior compartment of the leg.  If tight you will stretch by sitting back on your heels.  Muscles of shin or outside of calf can get over worked by lifting your toes (conciously or subconciously)  before foot strike on the ground...  Could you be doing that? 

    Try making sure your feet are relaxed before hitting the ground (dont hold toes up) and maybe try shortening your stride slightly.  You might putting more weight through your right foot than left so only effecting the right foot. 

  • I get shin splits from time to time, usually when my mileage increase and running consecutive days. Don't believe shoes is the problem (in my case), I've gone For Brooks to Adidas to Asics and the problem still persist. You might want to try Mueller shin support, not attractive but can guarantee it does the job. 


  • Thanks for that. Lifting my toes is not something I had thought of, but it a possibility.

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