Shock Horror

I caught Mrs Barkles wearing MY tights.
Now she says she likes them and won't give them back.

They're damned expensive those Nike things!!!!


  • I'm glad it was her caught wearing your tights and not you wearing hers!

  • Be careful Barkles, she'll be out running with you next - and that's the slippery slope - no supper cooked cos Mrs B's out on a run, kids neglected, house a tip,career abandoned - well that's what's happened to me anyway...

    Have a good evening - in your tights...
  • I would.. if I had them.
  • Confession time ... I not only helped myself to my 18yr old son's Ronhills, I also cut the stirrups off them. When he wanted them a few weeks later for a Three Peaks race I was not popular!
  • Barkles - perhaps you shouldn't have bought bright pink tights in the first place!
  • Look on the bright side - my wife has just started teaching spinning lessons, and so had to borrow some of my cycling shorts. So obviously I need to get more to replace the ones she's taken a fancy to !
  • Good thinking Cougie!
    I feel a trip to the gear shop coming on!!
  • Put it this way... Atleast she didn't catch you wearing HER tights!!! I know you like that!
  • Thats a different thread altogether.
  • Made of nylon rather than polyester too! Had a nice weekend?

    I got a Nike Storm Fit jacket for 50 quid! Half price! Go to Swindon Outlet Village!!!
  • Had a good day yesterday, but HATED today. Had to watch GNYR and couldn't run it.
    Being an exiled Geordie, this was THE race I needed to do. Went for a run, ran quickly but hated it.
    Must give this Swindon place a look. What on earth were you doing in Swindon????
  • I've had three days off... Went to see the parents in Bristol and took trip to Swindon!
  • SWINDON?????
    Are you ill?
  • Evening gents
  • My mother in law lives there
    I know it well
  • Benz
    Sorry to hear that!

  • I can think of worse places than Swindon----=Basingstoke for one
  • Good point
  • Morning EP, are you at work?
    Im off there now
    Ive just noticed, got a suntan!!
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