Cyclist wanted

I know it's being mentioned on another thread but I thought I'd give it one of it's own. There is a Tri in Manchester on the 14th Decemember and although I was planning on entering on my own I have an injury which stops me using the rowing machine at the moment.

Does anyone want to make up a team and complete the cycling part of the event - it's approx 15k. I'd do the running and I can get a fast rower to do the rowing side of the event.

Please let me know if interested, the chances are my arm will be OK by this weekend so I'll do it on my own, but if there is interest I'd stick with the team format


  • shame but I've entered a half marathon on that day otherwise I'd have liked to give it a go.
  • Any news on this actual event, couldn't find it on a general event search, sounds interesting.
  • Go to there is a link on the front page there
  • Right I'm going to pay my race fee tomorrow and do the thing on my own. I must be mad :) as i'll be doing it with out any training again hehe
  • Seeya there then - 3 weeks to go !
  • Is that all it is? arrrghhhh - got an ergo test on Monday so should figure out a time for the 3k (will do at the same pace as my 5k test - 2 sec per 500 I think)
  • 2 secs per 500 ??

    Eeek ! Surely that's a Jetboat you row ?
  • heh I wish ! :)

    I'm sure it reads ok before but if I do 5 k at 1.42 I'll do my 3k at about 1.44/1.45

    Not even thought about the cycling. Any advice for someone who cycles 1 mile to the boat house and back 4 times a week. I never do any more except now once a year. Think I'll gain from a couple of longer sessions? if so what should I do and for how long?

    And the biggest thing I remember from last year is the cycling to running was really really hard. I felt like my legs were moving like a thunder bird only they were probably scraping the floor. Any advice on this transition and preparing for it?
  • Well there's only 3 weeks to go, but I'd try and get some longer runs in on the bike - I think it's only 9 miles we ride, so try and get a couple in ofsay 15 to 20 miles to build some endurance. And then try some speedwork in the week.

    As for transitions - I think that's something else to practice, but I think its the diff. in speed between bike and run that's hard too - you go so much faster on the bike that you just feel as if you are going nowhere when you run. Luckily its the same for everyone though.
  • I'll try a cycle of about 18 miles ish oncea week between now and then. Rowing training takes priority so the cycling will be extra. I'm not worried about competing for the top places. I just want to beat most of the other rowers anda couple of the triathletes.
    Even beating one would be great
  • This sounds very interesting.

    How many are enter? I'd be worried about finishing a lomg time after everyone else as the rowers are likely to storm through the ergo session.

    I usually use the rowing ergo when I have gym session, and I've done a couple of duathlons before and finished about 1/2 - 2/3rds of way.

    I guess the entry limit must be pretty limited with the no of ergos available?
  • They set people off at 15 minute intervals - so I think a group of about 8 went off in one go last time but there are loads of people out and about on the course and lots of points on both the cycle and the run where you can see the other competitors.

    The rowers might be faster on the machine but they're very slow at the rest of the event so wouldn't worry about being slow on the rowing section of it. All we do is row and the occasional run (and as most of the guys are big they're slow at this too)

    I think the times last year ranged from a little over an hour to over and hour and a half. I really wouldn't worry about the competition as there are people off all abilities, shapes and sizes. No one in the rowing club trains for this, my self included

    And as for blitizing the ergo - last year I took it easy as I was worried about blowing up on the bike as I'm far from a cyclist. Most rowers did the same as well.
  • Oh forgot to say, I think they'll have more ergos this year ( I know the plan is for the club to own 20) not sure how many they'll have for the big day though. I'll try to find out
  • The club got 8 brand new ergos so that's 16 machines.

    Right, just done my 5k test rating 24 and my score was 16.56.0 (1.41.6/500m) so I guess I'll aim at 1.44 for the race. I feel really good as it's my PB! and it's 3 months before the final test
  • Rob
    Wish I'd seen your message earlier. Am doing the individual but would have happily joined your team effort! I haven't actually entered yet as I've NO idea what time to put on for the ergo.
    I rowed (about 17) years ago, but nothing recently. I don't have a huge amount of power: despite reasonable upper body strength I've a sore back and wouldn't go flat out anyway!
    Drop me a line anyway. See you on the day?
    Are you local - I live in Warrington.
  • PS Can you just turn up and do the ergo test - or do I need to phone and book at the watersports centre?
    I have a member card for open water swim only.
  • Jonny,

    I did the ergo test a part of my rowing club training. It's not compulsary to do one before the event its self. (unless you're an Agecroft Rower) I'm just using that score as a guide to pacing myself on the day over the 3000m

    I'm sure if you want to use the ergos to test your speed over the 3k you could use the club ones at the Water Sports Centre. There would be no need to book and people are around from around 6 ish.

    I am local and you will see me on the day. I'll let you all know my number if and when I get one. I'll probably be one of the ones behind all you triathletes on the day though so better say hello at the start :)

  • Wow ! With that speed on the rower all you need do is drop some drawing pins on the bike course a la Dick Dastardley !

    Yeah - not got my number yet either.
  • I don't think they've sent the numbers out yet, you may even collect them on the day, I'm not sure.

    They've been pestering the rowers for their entry. I think if they've not replied by thursday they're automatically entered whether they want to or not. My choice is enter to help out. And as it'll be freezing I'd rather enter
  • I meant enter OR help out
  • I love this thread title.

    Just trying to pluck up the courage to start one called 'Triathlete wanted'...
  • Smutty Lepoard.

    Sooo the row is indoors and we get all hot and sweaty, and then we dive off onto the bike to get all cold and chilly.

    Then we run.

    Best bring lotsa clothes - might be a bit nippy then !
  • 0:o)

  • You can't really get that hot and sweaty in 12 minutes - it's pretty chilly on the machines as well as the doors were wide open.

    I did the thing in a pair of leggings and thermal top for the whole event. Figured I'd rather be warm on the ergo than freeze on the bike. I might even wear a Gilet this year for the bike and a pair of gloves

  • Oui ! Vous !

    I'll prob take a windproof for the bike, and maybe the run.

    Was gonna order a number belt for this - £3 from Bourne Sports, but the P & P was £3 too - so I balked at that !

    I have a lil Hi5 elasticated belt that I use for holding gels - I'll use that instead. Clever eh ?
  • wot - gels like Kylie?


  • I say ! Raaaaaather !
  • so you use the elasticated belt to strap her to your bicycle bell?
  • Yeaaaaah. Something like that anyway. ;-)
  • I was just going to use pins :)

    They gave out two numbers last year. one for the front for the running and one on the back for the cycle.

    Will just pin the number to my t-shirt at the start and pin the number to the gilet for the cycle
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