Manchester Marathon

Got number yesterday, and now have first marathon in a week..... gulp..

Entered to try and guarantee entry to FLM next year, and so aiming to run 3:14, and no faster.... (Don't want to kill myself for other races)..

Anyone else aiming for similar? planning splits of 1:36, 1:36, looking at the elavatoin increases over first half of race...



  • I am also looking for sub 3:15 in first marathon to get guaranteed entry for FLM not sure on splits yet No:466
    Whats your race number IRW ?
  • number 415: splits should read 1:38, 1:36, though have no idea on pace over this distance - without other people to run with, I am very liable to go off too fast.....

    Staying over the night before otherwise will never make 9am..
  • There was a fairly lively debate on the Manchester Marathon a few weeks back. It attacted a large number of runners aiming to get under 3:15. I think you will easily find someone to run with at the race.

    Be careful in the first 3 miles through the park. If you are near the front it is really easy to get pulled along too fast. A couple of years ago I let that happen to me and really struggled towards the end.
  • Yeh quite a few of us aiming for 3.14.59 !
    I strongly recommend you set your pace so that you leave an extra 5 - 10 minutes for the last 6 miles, which will almost certainly be very, very tough. My pacing will be 7:20 miles, getting me to the 20 mile mark in approx. 2:25, leaving 50 mins for the last 6.2 miles (8 minute mile pace.)
    I leave the 'negative splits' to the top pros. I also suggest you have achieved 90 minutes or very close to it for a 1/2 marathon recently too. See you on the course !
  • see you all there -I'm marshalling in Wythenshawe Park

    good luck!
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