The children are all in front of the telly all evening watching I Want To Be A Popstar, followed by I Can't Sing At All But I Can Show Off In Front of A Camera, followed by Boy Band/Girl Band - Who's The Best (or programmes along a similar theme), but I don't care - I've got my prime space booked for watching the GNR tomorrow morning - hope all forumites have a great race, I'll be looking for the vests!


  • Hi Tiger

    We've got a video for tonight "24hr party people" cos the kids have missed the Popstar stuff (how lucky are we?) Tomorrow we are off to Legoland on a corporate bonanza so I shall miss GNR.

    But I did watch the mile races today which were very exciting - those people are so fast.

    Mind you, could they run a half in 1.59 like someone I know ?!! Are you still thrilled with yourself - you should be. It was great to meet you at Windsor - what's your next race ?

    Enjoy your weekend.
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