Reebok Challenge

Has anyone entered the Reebok Challenge (see flashing ad to the right). I entered my time for the Sheffield half back in June and apparently according to their website won the podium prize in my category (hurray!!). I haven't heard anything from them though, wondered if any other podium winners had? I know overall winners won't be confirmed until end of the challenge (end Nov) but it isn't clear about the podium winners.


  • Looks like I've won a podium prize from Sunday's Reebok 10k. There must be an email address on the website - you could get in touch with them that way. Personally I think I'll wait until the end of the month when the challenge closes and see if they get in touch with me then, if not I'll certainly be harassing them for my shoes!
  • Well done Venom! - Actually I've searched the website inside out and no contact details of any kind! I tried replying to the 'register your time alert' but this is a one-way email & doesn't accept replies.

    Let me know if they get in touch - it's been a long wait since June - I've bought new shoes whilst I've been waiting!
  • I had to chase Reebok for quite some time to get my podium prize for Milton Keynes 16, they were quite offhand about it. The shoes were nice though.

    Well done Moggie and Venom :-)
  • Helen, how did you get in touch with them to chase them?
  • Venom - heard anything yet? I haven't - looked on the web site and all the old ratings have been cleared out & replaced with 2004 challenge.

    Only number I have found is for Reebok UK help line - 0800 30 50 50
  • I found another number as well - 08702427300. The receptionist put me straight through to someone's voicemail, and I haven't got a reply yet. Will keep on ringing them until I get through.

    Pretty poor behaviour on their part - if they're going to set up a contest like this it's very poor to be so lazy about distributing the prizes.
  • I mailed some information to Venom (turned out he already knew it!), and because this isn't a unique problem (at least three of us weren't contacted by Reebok) I've also copied my thoughts to them with a suggestion that they talk to their marketing department to get a better response in future.

    Haven't had a reply yet...
  • The number you gave worked - I was put through to the marketing department and a Tim Hutchins called back to ask my shoe size. Not ideal to guess which size will be a good fit - but hopefully something will be landing on my mat in time for Christmas.

    So if they've not contacted you venom - try again.

    Thanks both for your help - maybe see you at the Challenges next year...
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