New Balance RX Terrain

I do a lot of off road running both training and racing. Some multi terrain and some proper cross country with lots of mud and hills.

I'm thinking of buying the NB RX Terrains, does anyone have any experience with these shoes?

I'm a light weight female runner who runs with a very mild over pronation.


  • I take it no one has had these shoes? Oh well I might just have to order them and try them out. Will let people know what they turn out like.
  • A number of fell runners use them and I haven't heard many gripes. In fact I would have a pair now if my local shop had some in. Watch out for the widths - they come in two width sizes. I'd avoid Walshes if I was you because a number of people (me included) have had problems with the new black ones falling apart (stitching).
  • Great shoes, but
    all 'fell' shoes are made without 'pronation support' (makes sense), so don't worry about your mild pronation. RX terrains have a wee bit more cushioning than walsh or felldancer. On the width fitting thing, don't get the D width (standard) and it come up too tight, just go with 2E width
  • Thread back from the grave...........

    I had a bad case of Tendonitis after the welsh 1000m summits race (about 24miles) which my physio put down to mild/moderate over-pronation combined with long and sustained climbs which he says accentuate the pronation.

    At the time I owned salomon harriers (which I did the race in) and adidas swoops.

    to try and prevent the same injury (which lasted months)I went to the running shop and tried all the fell shoes with a view to getting the stiffest sole which I thought was the only way of reducing pronation.

    I was probably wrong in my whole approach but anyway I bought the RXs. unfortunately becasue they have a very high ankle support they gave me terrible achilles pain and so only wore them 2 or 3 times!

    I'm still not sure how to combat over-pronation in fell shoes. I'm planning to do the welsh 1000m again this year but now do my road training in Asic 2110s so get less problems with shin splints etc anyway.

    Anyone else got advice for over-pronators and fell shoes?
  • I've got some RX terrains, mild overpronation and I run some fell and cross-country. I can't compare them to other shoes, since they are the only fell shoes I've ever had, but I'm very happy with the grip and fit. I've swapped the regular insoles for some orthotic ones from a medical supplies catalogue. They were recommended by my physio for my condition, but may not be the right answer for everyone. They give some extra medial support and cushioning, but they make the shoe slightly less stable with the increased ride height. I need cushioning, so it's a good trade for me.
  • Biffa,

    Yeah I tried putting orthotics in them but couldn't get on with them. They were the heel and mid foot only type so with an insole they were much to high and felt unstable as you say and without I kept got a blisters in my fore foot. If it hadn't been for the achilles/heel support thing I might have persevered.

    My return to running is going well at the mo but long runs are on roads and I'm only doing short off road stuff but will build up the big off road hills soon so I may need to get the scissors and tape out and start designing hybrid insoles!

  • Hilly
    I've just bought a pair for £40 -can't resist a bargain. I've previously used Innov's (fell apart after less than 100 miles) & Walshes which i rate highly. Be interesting to see how these fair.
  • I've had 2 pair of RX's and couldn't fault them,(2nd pair £35, bargain, first pair £15, super bargain)
    I've switched to Mountain Bear, Gladiators now they quite similar to RX's. I only changed because I needed some fell shoes in a hurry and no one local had RX in stock.
  • can i ask you guys some questions?
    1) Does the choice of 'offroad' shoe depend on running style at all (ie is cushioning, support etc a consideration?)
    2) whats the diff between multiterrain shoes and fell shoes
    3) What would you get for 80:20 offimagen road. for a neutral cushioned road shoe wearer?

    REason I'm asking is I have a pair of NB fell shoes (regular square studs on sole) which I use for XC occasionally but I would like to use something more substantial for off road running but a bit more tolerant of the occasional linking road stretch - if you know what I mean.

    4) has anyone tried karrimor ck07. they seem discounted at the moment but are never mentioned in proper running circles/websites. There are no serious reviews At All.....
    thanks guys 

  • I've just bought some Inov-8 x-talon 212s and so far so good, I've only done 53 miles them, including a 20 miler, I'm trying to preserve the studs on them so avoiding any road as much as possible.

    My Glads have served me well and I'd happily run long stretches on road when necessary, same went for my NB RX.

    a mulit terrain shoe is too much like a normal road shoe for my liking,  I only wear racing flats, so  a "proper" fell shoe is the best thing for me, The x-talon 212s have a bit more to them than my Glads/RX but are still nice. I was looking at getting the inov-8 roc-lite 285 as a good compromise, same midsole as the x-talon (I think) but a less studded sole.  (mudclaw and mudrocs don't suit me)

    Those Karrimor will probably do an ok job but I personally wouldn't get a pair, Karrimor isn't the brand it used to be, but saying that I bought a pair of Umbro Astro turf trainers from sports direct, they've got a decent studded sole and were only £12 marginally more cushioning than my Glads and I have run 23 miles in them, don't know where they are now tho.

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