Twisted foot at birth

Just a question which somebody might know the answer to. When I was born, my right foot was stuck under my mothers ribcage and came out pointing behind me, the doctors twisted it back round and said it would be OK. A couple of years ago I started to notice a sort of clicking in my hip when I walked (a year or so after starting running and losing 5 stone) and I put it down to the running. I decided to see a phsiotherapist and he said it was because of this problem at birth. He pulled my knee up to my chin and pushed my leg across my body and felt a sharp pain in my hip, he then discovered that the Q value (I think thats what he called it) was roughly 20 degrees when my left leg was about 11 degrees. It is obvious when I run that my right foot sticks out to the side and that my whole leg appears to be twisted around (it doesnt sound as gruesome as it is!).
I've heard that this isn't uncommon and was wondering what sort of problems this could cause in the future. I normally run 3-4 times a week, totalling about 20 miles and I also do weight training 2-3 times a week.
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