Where will I start...

I've managed to get a good for age place for 2003 and was wondering from what corral or pen I'm likely to start from. I'm a bit phased by some of the posts which say that there's a cavalry charge at the start. I'm sort of hoping to try and break 3hrs and don't fncy having to weave too much at the start. Would a couple of 6:30's at the start put you in the clear for the remainder or am I just dreaming ?? Also will there be champion-chip timing this year ?


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Mick, based on this year you'll probably start from the green start. If your estimated time is sub 3 hrs then that'll get you into pen 1. This was my scenario last year and I lost absolutely no time at all as everyone starting from my pen had similar abilities. No problems with the crowds. A very enjoyable day out!

    Hopefully they will use the championchip again.
  • Yes Mick, drew was spot on. I was in the front pen at the green start and was over the start line in no time at all (10 secs max). The green start in general is fairly civilised, since it is the smallest of the three. Queues for loos, baggage trucks and free cups of tea/coffee were minimal.

  • I'll be aiming for just under three hours. That was my target when I ran my first marathon in Wolverhampton, but a combination of running the first half a little too quick and running most of the second half with nothing but cars and buses for company. Given that I'm certain I can do three hours with some careful pacing and a bit of company, so I am justified in putting down an expected time of 2:59 so
    that I can start in the front pen?

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Adam, if that's what you expect to achieve then why not! That should get you into the front pen.
  • Thanks Drew, I'll make it. My original post should have said that I finished in 3hrs 1 min so I'm alomost the. The only problem is that I'm getting married eight weeks or so before London so the training may suffer.
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