rome marathon 2014

hi runners!

I signed up for my first marathon 2014 in Rome and looking to meet people who will run it!


  • I did it this year and may well do it again, finishing straight photos make for an amazing memory

  • Hi 

    I have done London and Brighton Marathons both of which were amazing. So as my last hurrah before I hang up trainers before my legs give up on me I am seriously thinking about doing one international marathon and as the route looks amazing I was thinking about Rome. Just wondering how easy is it to get into especially at this stage in the year and whats the organisation like?????

  • It is my favourite marathon to date, the organisation is a bit strange at first but all emails were answered quickly. You will need either a confirmation from an athletics club or a doctor's cert. Your doc will charge you for this maybe up to £70, so my advice join a club affiliated to Uk athletics. Fetch is online and does the trick for example. UK athletics will give you a ltter confirming membership and Rome will accept this.

    The route was amazing, start and finish at the colliseum, past Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain etc greta course and very well suported. There are cobbles but smooth and you hardly notice.


  • Seven hills of Rome ? How flat is it ?

  • Most of it is run along the river so no significant hills to speak of

  • Thanks - it is going ( hopefully ) to be my wife's first marathon and I was a little wary of the contours.

  • It's a great event, I'd recommend it

  • I've also been strongly debating doing Rome 2014! 

    Considering that most tourist routes would take you round the site it just kinda makes sense to put the miles in and get a medal for itimage

  • Just tried to book onto the event - what a convoluted effort!

    It would appear that a "ticket " and a "medical cetificate " have to be supplied in order to complete the booking process ( despite having taken the money!)

    Does anyone know what a "ticket" is?????


  • I did Rome a few years back, when you enter you can print this form

    then fill your n it out and pop it into GP to finish rest, should only be £10-15 or do what I did, I had to see him about my asthma so when I was there I just asked to fill his bit out, No charge image end of the day we that try to keep fit shouldn't have to pay coz we ain't so much of problem to them like some I can think of. 

    Its a great marathon which is why I'm going back and taking the other half to run it. 

  • A ticket I think is either this form filled out, or your UKA membership card. Ill just take both even tho I have scanned my form onto the registration. 

  • Thanks for all the info! really helpful I am in Italy from Thursday and while I am there I am going to rome soooo going to go scope out the course while I am there!!!



  • I signed up for the Rome Marathon some time ago and was happy to spot this thread. It will be my first full marathon - I completed two halves earlier this year and have another in six weeks time before beginning the marathon training seriously in November.

    I've been to Rome many times - it's a wonderful city.

    Flights are booked - wife, darling daughter and her paramour are coming along too. Excited about this.

    The plan is to complete one marathon before I turn fifty next year and Rome is it. I'm also planning one on the other side of the half-century and that is likely to be Marathon-Athens (but that's another story for another thread, I guess).

  • Nelson, Athens is a good one to do, the run is a bit dull but the start and finish is great, basically you run uphill for 19/20m then down for last 6 on a motorway. With the history it's a must for every marathon runner. image 

  • Having pulled out of the Amsterdam Marathon due to an injury this month, I'm keen to run my second (Paris earlier this year was my first) marathon ASAP. We've actually already booked accommodation through airbnb, in the south of the city - looks fantastic and can't scoff at an apartment for £52 p/night.

    Heading over on the Thursday, leaving on Monday. Can't wait! Been once before but having recently watch Sorrentino's masterpiece The Great Beauty, I am hoping to do a lot more exploring than simply Colloseum and the Vatican.The photos they keep uploading on the Facebook page look incredible!

    Saying that, not registered for the race yet! Is it simple to do? Any idea on the price now?

    Any advise on booking flights on the low-cost airlines? Can get return for £90 now but not sure if they'll do a crazy sale soon and cut the prices?

  • Im in, flight and accomodation booked. I will 60  going into this one so all being well I will be going for for a VLM GFA (3hrs:45) place so hoping to get a good place in the starting line up for this one.

    My favourite city so looking forward to it lots image

  • if you belong to an running club who are affiliated to AAA or IFFA it's easy, just scan and e mail the organisers a copy of you license

  • I'm  going. Also my first full marathon. From the US

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