2nd half marathon in a year



  • Magic Roundabout: congratulations on the parkrun PB; sympathies for the cut head (one of our club's runners did similarly ducking under a tree branch a week ago. Scalp wounds always bleed like crazy.

    As for mileage... end of 2010 I was telling my husband I'd like to do a marathon but thought I'd have to stick to HM for the moment because I didn't see how I'd find the time to train for a marathon. By a year later I was training for my first ultra (AND managing a parkrun) - while continuing working around 45 hours a week.image

  • I started at the other end of the spectrum doing the first three Edinburgh marathons back in the 80's, I then decided that was enough for that distance , in fact I only did one half after that before moving to Swindon in 89. Only really started again inthe last four years. My brother on the other hand after doing no running at all for a good chunk of his life decides to start entering forty and fifty mile races totally out of the blue.

  • Bit hot for hills today but, gave it a go.



  • Improved Parkrun pb again this week, wont get t shirt till about October i'm told, oh well I know how many i've done.

  • Well done on the new parkrun pb. It's going to take me years to reach 50 parkruns at my present rate - but meanwhile I'm having fun doing other runs, as you can see at http://runningape.wordpress.com/

  • Lakeland 50 eh? I must check if my brother did that, he lives up that way and likes long distances.

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