Beginner Runners in Slough Area?

:0) Hi,

I've recently started running again, after a break of 15 yrs, and somehow managed to complete the Run London 10K run in Richmond Park in 54 mins. Don't ask me how I managed it in that time, considering my running style is more akin to a fast(ish) waddle than actual running!!

Anyway, in a moment of total (in)sanity, I've entered for a place in the London Marathon & I'm in the process of training. Hopefully I'll get a place, but don't want to leave it 'til December to start training, should I be accepted (if I don't get a place, there's always Berlin & Paris in April as well....or at least I think so!!)

After all that, what I'm wanting to say is much as I like running on my own, it would be nice to have a running partner, who lives in the Slough/Windsor/Reading/West London, if there's anyone out there, that would be interested in running/waddling with a unfit 28 yr old bloke, let me know!!


P.S. What are my chances of becoming a novelist after that post?
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