Cotswold 113, who's in?

Certainly I'm there. Schmunks is a Marshall.

Please can someone melt the icebergs?



  • What icebergs?

    Lake 32 was lovely last night image

    And Schmunks is in charge of the bike feed station which is the most importantest role ever! image

  • As I'm a newby numpty on these events, can you explain the protocol that I'm likely to see as I approach on my trusty steed?

    -I'll have a bottle or two on the bike, what's the form at the feed station?

  • I posted something in the outlaw thread last year about protocol/etiquette at bike feed stations  Let me see if I can find it and re-post here.

    I was thinking about hunting it out and putting it on this year's thread anyway

  • Found it!

    Pop-Up Schmunks - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I have just marshalled on the bike feed station at the Cotswold 113 and as I am aware that we have a fair few people popping their IM cherries next week I hope I am not treating anyone as idiots by giving some hints and tips about what to expect at a Bike Feed Station

    Normally there will be a sign letting you know you are approaching a bike feed station.  At this point get ready to discard your empty/hall full bottles.

    There will then be a target/goal net for you to lob your bottles in.  This will be on your left. Lob the bottles you want to get rid off towards this target

    (Please note - not all feed stations will be set up the same but this is how I am going to set up the Pirate Feed Station)

    There will be two or three people who will have High 5 only, then there will be two or three people with water only.  They will hold the bottles by either the base or by the top so that you can grab them in the middle.

    If you want to grab a bottle you MUST SLOW DOWN and engage eye contact with the person you want to take the bottle from.  Whilst we can do a quick backward shuffle (followed by a fancy pirouette if necessary) we can't keep it up for long so you may pass us before you have grabbed a bottle or you may drop it.

    As all this can happen in the blink of an eye there will be a couple of people at the end of the Pirate Feed Station who will have High 5 and water.  These guys will be your last chance to pick up fluids before the next feed station

    After the final peeps with bottles there will be someone with gels and bananas.  Again engage eye contact and shout for what you want.

    If you don't want to take any fluids/gels/bananas, keep to the right and do not impede those wanting to stop/grab a bottle/use the portaloo

    All those at the feed stations want you to have a fun and enjoyable ride and will do everything we can to make sure that happens for you, so I hope I haven't offended anyone with this post image


  • Do we provide drink for ourselves in junk bottles that we basically treat as disposable?

    Or are we likely to get our precious Pirate bottles returned?

  • I'm in!! My last race before Ironman UK... image

    I wouldn't plan on getting any disposed bottles back.  If you have two bottles on your bike, have a nice one and a junk one and swap the junk one at the feed station.

    I've only done Cotswold 113 once in 2011 (when it was really hot) but from memory, the bike feed station is at halfway as you turn for the 2nd lap.  The drink is provided in 750ml High5 bottles (so actually you could gain a nice bottle from this!) unlike at some races where they give out shop bottles of water that don't fit in your bottle cage.

    Perhaps I should read the race instructions in case anything has changed... image

    They were released last night if you haven't seen.

  • Yes, you should read the race pack as bike feed station position has changed image

    It's no longer near Lake 32 on the turnaround. It is now over the A419, on the Cirencester Road.  It will be on your right as you are on the 1st loop, so you will be able to prepare for it on the return leg

    But Timmy is right in that you won't get your bottles back

  • Just reading that now - parking seems to be a problem too if they haven't got the use of the field.

  • "Transition closes at 5:30am..." Ouch!!!

  • Use the campsite (it's fantastic) & just a short walk to transition in the morning so no need to worry about parking either!

  • I would, but my parents live in Cirencester and would probably get the hump if I didn't stay would my wife and kids... image

  • Know the feeling - mine are in Gloucester, but I casually dump the kids with them and take the OH camping for an overnight... She really gets upset by the noise of bike pumps at 3.30am and the accompanying faffing when she is trying to sleep image


    Can't make the 113 as clashes with my first full distance IM - but should be at the classic in August. It is a really well run event so enjoy it!

  • The official start list is published. I am race number 365. Wave 4.

    One Pirate has "come out". Race number 301. Wave 1. Who is she?

    And who are the rest of you? Own up!

    List is here

  • I'm 320 Wave 3. 

    Weather looks warm but overcast - possibly showers.

  • It's too early to get accurate forecasts.

  • Is wave 1 for the fast people? I seem to have ended up in that wave ????

  • If you wait for 60 seconds the washing machine will have sped off and you'll at least know which direction to head. What's a minute in the grand scheme of things?

  • That is definitely in my plan! On the plus side, I get extra time to drag myself through the water before they drag me out! 


    On a side note, other than the official pre race meal, any recommendations for eating the night before, fairly close to either race or Bourton on the water?

  • I couldn't tell how the waves were split - if it's fast people in wave one then me bing in wave three is about right image

  • I emailed the organisers, following their prompt, told them that I was both nervous and slow. I even gave them my swim pace times (40 mins for a mile). They put me in wave 4.

  • You'd think you'd put the slowest first which would mean less of a spread at the finish, but when you think through, fastest first means the waves aren't swimming over each other.

    Last time I did this race, there were about 400 people in one big wave.

  • I think that the bigger issue is that the country lanes can hardly cope with the volume of bikes, especially as they will be going in two directions on the narrow and twisty parts. Whenever I've cycled there on practice Sat mornings there has still been the occasional driver. They have been quite patient so far.

    I also happened across a piece of information that says there will be a 100 mile+ Sportive in the same area at the same time. That could be amusing. There are 650 HIM starters registered.

  • Lets hope we don't take any wrong turns and end up on the 100mile sportive...!

  • image It's a good excuse if you're late into T2 though...

    I remember from 2011 the drafting being terrible.   And that was with about half the athletes.

    Now a lot of the original out and back course is a loop, it should make it a bit safer at least, but I'm still expecting to see a lot of blatant pelotons.

  • I am racing this on Sunday. Weather forecast doesnt look great!?

    Not too worried if the heavy rain holds off until the run and hoping its not too windy on the bike. Either way I guess we will just have to man up and enjoy!


  • I'm doing this too image  First HIM for me, so getting quite excited!

    Hope the weather forecast improves over the next couple of days, if only for the marshalls/supporters!

  • BBC says heavy rain on Sunday, but Accuweather says Sunny all day.

    Personally, I'm going with Accuweather... image

  • Like your optimism timmy!

  • Thanks!! Unfortunately the Met office don't like my optimism and their website agrees with the BBC image

  • Metcheck has a nice balance - a bit of rain after 10 and lightish winds image

    Hopefully the variability means thee computer models aren't too sure!

    What time are you all planning to arrive to rack bikes?

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