trying to start again after 3 years off and a 2 and a half stone weight gain.

Hello all

I was once fit(ish) and did a few average to poor marathons,10ks and sprint trathlons.

I am now two stone overweight and unfit and wish to try and start training again for a sprint tri in september.

so this thread is for helpful advice ,your stories and chit chat about how to restart . I went out today and really found it hard to run at all and need some help here .


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Remember you are starting almost from scratch, so don't expect to have the speed or endurance basically slowwwwweeeeerimage 

    speed will come with time and practise. Just concentrate on getting out there and plodding along until you get back into the swing of things.

  • That sounds very much like me.

    I'd been running for about 10 years, was the fittest I'd ever been in my life (fittest for me, I was no athelete!), was running aprox 35 mile weeks and happily doing a 1.50 HM every couple of months.

    Then life took over, I went through a short bout of depression, and before I knew it I'd stopped running for 3 and a half years and put on 2 stone in weight... I really missed the running, but couldn't motivate myself to get out there.

    Then this February I was determined to do something about it, and I've been running again since then. I attempted 2 miles at first, very very slowly, but I got round... and have been keeping it up ever since.

    I'm now a bit speedier than that first run, and have managed to creep up to 5 miles. I'd hoped to be going a bit further by now, but I've had a few stops and starts with illness and an injured ankle (injured through un-sensible shoes, not the running!).

    As booktrunk says, slow right down. Good luck!



  • Hello - are you me in disguise?

    I ran & got down to my lowest weight in ~ 30 years, finished a poor marathon for a significant birthday, then promptly fell out of love with running. 13 months later, I've managed 2.5 stone increase - eating for 35 miles a week, running 0 will do that. So I think I win in the weight gain stakes image

    I've put myself back on a sensible, snack free diet and have run (well, run/walked) 3 times now. I'm finally wanting to run again, so that's good - the mojo's been missing for some time. Although part of me is aghast at how unfit I am - 2.5 miles didn't used to be an achievement! But I'm hoping the lost fitness will return in time. it seems worse than starting from scratch because I know I used to be able to do this... 

  • It's not the run you do today that makes you fit.  It's the cumulative effort of what you do over the days, weeks and months before. So just keep building back to fitness one day at a time and the weight will drop off too. 

  • I'm trying to shift a couple of stone, I'm running three times a week (2 at an easy pace, one faster) and slowly building up the miles (12 last week, 14 this week). I'm watching what I eat too as I find I'm really hungry now! I've knocked the booze on the head for June which should help a lot too image

  • ok so i managed to get round the newbury sprint triathlon .....1hour 35 mins  which is not great but i did it! my back was really giving me trouble ...stiffening up and gong into spasm every few hundred yards ,i think i needed to do more run training prior to the race but i just ran out of time having only managed 4k in training so 5k after a 400 mtr swim and a 13 mile cycle was asking a bit much . 

    i didnt suffer much post race pain or aches so happy with that ,my plan now is to keep training through the winter and do aome more sprints next season. happy boy here .

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