48 Hours in Clumber


I just wanted to drop a quick link to our latest event, 48 Hours in Clumber.  a 10k mixed trail route, see how far you can go in 48 hours!

Free camping, on site refreshments, a great atmosphere, and I'm sure some great memories for everyone.  Open to solo runners, pairs, teams.  We also have a 24 or 12 hour option for anyone who wants a slightly shorter distance!!



  • Hopeing to do either the 24 or 48 hour race solo just got to save some money for the entry fee!

  • Thats great Ryan! Look forward to seing you there!

  • thats me signed up for the 24 as a solo.Has it been run before? 


  • Also hoping to do this next year never done anything like it before so will be challenging but exciting.

  • What state is the course in ?  What is the latest I can enter?

  • Be interested to know if anyone has heard from these guys in a while? I emailed them asking a few questions as was thinking of entering but email address on website returned a delivery failure.

    Also asked a question via message to the facebook page and no response - that was over a week ago. Can't help thinking it's maybe not going ahead...

  • I get that feeling too.

  • I have a friend entered in the 48h, I mentioned this thread to her she emailed them about something yesterday and got a reply this evening! 

    Seems perfectly fine. 

  • i have been in contact with them last week and every thing was ok. also left a message on a mobile number and they got back to me  

  • Does anyone have more information about this event yet?   Is Clumber Park a fairly flat area? Do the tracks tend to get muddy?  Any idea of the number of entries - is it likely to be a small low-key event like most ultras tend to be, or a large event with lots of runners, along the lines of the Thunder Run?

    I entered the 48hour event some months ago.

  • Hummmm... Someone on facebook just said they heard it had been cancelled... Hate to spread unsubstantiated comments... But doesn't look good.

  • Cancellation will be a disappointment as I quite liked their proposed format, and I can't think of a suitable alternative in England or Wales - is there one?

  • Woops!! Just read an email from the Clumber organisers - it is cancelled, although they don't give the reasons. 

    Anyone any idea about a suitable alternative??????

  • Are you getting your money back? 

  • They are reimbursing entry fees but it is really annoying cancelling the event only 3 weeks before. Reading between the lines they haven't been able to agree a route with Clumber Park - which isn't great, given that entries have been open for nearly 9 months. 

    This was going to be my first 24 hour relay race. We had 3 teams as well individual runners entered and people have bought sleeping bags and kit specifically for the event, so disappointed is an understatement. image

  • Little Miss Blister, I've just had a look ultra marathon website and there seem to be a few 24 hour events scattered around the country, so you might be lucky and find a suitable alternative for your teams. 

    Sadly, I can't spot another 48 hour event for myself.

  • Thanks Preston, I'll have a look.

    Sorry that there isn't a suitable 48 hour event for you.

  • There will be a 48 hour event as part of the 6 Day Celtic Ultra Fest in September in Weston Super Mare. It will be on the promenade, not quite a trail... but there will be camping in a field if thats worth anything.

    Everything from 100 km events up. If there's enough interest perhaps we can consider a team event too.


  • Hi Abichal

    Is the route itself to be held on a tarmac/concrete surface, it looks like it might be from the website photo?  I must admit that I find a "trail" type surface a lot easier on the old joints during an ultra event.  I assume the route is exposed to the elements for its whole length?

    Congratulations on putting on such rich variety of distances!

  • Hi Preston,

    Yes, I was there tonight running the 5 miler. I'm not sure what the surface is - it looks like pebbledash and is smooth and its also on the hard side.

    I think that we adapt to the surface we run on and find ways to work with it. Taking to the trails after years of urban street running takes a bit of getting used to too. If we were to closely judge all surfaces we would see a lot of variation. But I know what you are saying. image

    Yes, exposure. There's no protection from the elements - it could be a raw battle if the weather turns wet and windy. But, hey, thats part of the story. People don't sign up for a 6 day race because its easy. This is a real challenge. But the satisfaction one can get is proportionately awesome and it will last a lifetime.

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