Cross Bay Challenge 2013

Hi all,

Suprised there isn't a post on this already as seems to be a popular race..

I took up running three months to the day before race day (16th June). I nearly wrote I'm not going for a PB but as it's my first I obviously amimage I meant I'm not going to push it - just take it fairly easy and finish.

I'm nowhere near a beach so not much practise on sand (half a mile in Pembrokeshire) but have been running trails. Last week was 11 mile with 2,600 ft gain so hoping that prepares me for 'sand running'. Run like an Egyptian image

Anyone on here going and any last minute tips? Any idea whether the weather is going to be hot or cold and windy?

I don't enjoy admitting this but I'm mid-40s so guess I've got to take this a little easier on the bodwhen an when I was a kid.

Cheers and good luck to any other entrants.



  • Am I running this one on my own image

  • Hi Ed, No there's now two of us.

    I'm pushing the boat out (no pun intended) the Travelodge Morecambe is booked for the whole weekend.

    This is my second time, so I have don't have an excuse except for much later mid life crisis, late 50's and only started running 5 years ago, with fewer brain cells these days, this all seems normal.

    I found that a pair of old road shoes were OK, some have discussed running barefoot but now the last few hundred metres at the finish is gravel, well last years start was. Running/wading through water passed your knees does take it of your legs takes a while get back into your stride. Whatever time you do it will be in my case about 15 mins more than the standard road half. This is a unique event so take it in and enjoy, which starts with the coach from the finish to the start good to get to know the opposition. It's a treat very friendly, good organisation, for water stations they are the quad bikes, don't leave litter.

    The best tip to a nervous first timer, who asked "is there a cut off time", the reply, "only the tide".

  • Hi Guys, Third one joining in....

    Not sure what to wear  I'm expecting to get very wet.... Tempted to run in vibram but the furtherst I've covered in them this summer is about 7 miles.

    I bet it will be a tough one and I hope the weather will be ok.


    See you there.

  • Hi Elli,

    Have you done this before or is it a moment of madness?

    Weather forecast not looking too bad, dry, mild not too much wind

  • I signed up for this in 2009 but never ran it. Been meaning to do it since. Finally signed up again.

    By the looks of the photos in the website gallery, I think I won't be carrying my mobile with me. It might get a bit wet image

    Is anyone else getting a coach from the finish to start line? 

  • I'm for first time bit worried as its not the norm.

    Been advised to wear oldest shoes I have then bin them

    image Joe

  • Hi Elli,

    Yes I'm using in the coach, early start 7.30AM driving from Morecambe (1hr?), coach back to start Hest Bank (1hr from 9.00), wait 1hr, run to Flookburgh (2hrs!! + time at finish), drive back to Morecambe (1hr), now a 30 + mile drive each way.

    Wouldn't want to miss the start or a stressful delay.

    The organisers changed the route after booking accomodation, safety first etc.

  • Im staying in grange over sands. Not far from the finish line. I'll be driving up tomorrow and having nice chilled afternoon somewhere there near the lakes before getting ready for the run. I'm scared too.  But excited. I think it will be a tough one


  • Good luck everyone, enjoyimage

    Off to Harrogate shopping on route over the Dales to the Bay.

    Tough that's why we do it!

  • I can see the bay from my hotel!!! Thw tide has just come in

  • Ha ha - I've only just seen these replies - not sure what I've been up to.

    Crikey Charlie, I found that hard going - I'd be interested in views from people who've done marathons, hell runners etc at looking for the next challenge.

    The first 6 miles had muddy sands, ripply sand, 'slidey' sand and wide channels and thought it couldn't get worse. That headwind and deep, wide channels though made me realise I was wrong.

    I ran (virtually) the whole way and am proud of myself but that's behind me and I'm now looking forwardimage


  • I didn't find the terrain tough at all, it was much easier than I prepared myself for.

    Sand was hard and the few puddles along the way don't even compare to the mud pits I've been through.


    I found it really tough in general. I'm not used to run that distance on such flat surface. West Yorkshire is full of hills so all my training is up and down up and down. So when running on flat, using the same muscles repetatively for 13 miles, takes it out of me.

    Also, my Garmin measured the route being 12.39 miles so did we miss a mile somewhere?

    In general, happy with the day. Weather stayed good and the seawater was nice. Such a beautiful part of the country too.

    Happy to have done it, but I think I will stick with hills, it's what I know best image

  • Hi, a good job another 400 turned up, I Beat the Bay.

    Ed be proud it's a great achievement.

    It was wet, muddy but I found OK to run on, the conditions were generally kind.

    I enjoyed it more this time my 2nd.

    It's a different course each year so comparisons are futile, the mile markers near the end seemed a bit close. It's not an event for PB chasing, I have no problem with that. Unique I find it a great race and event.

    Well done to the organisers, volunteers and those who set out the course for our enjoyment, what a way to spend a morning, I may be back.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks mate - I am proud 1.5 miles to 13 miles in 3 months is a big achievement in my mind.

    I did find it a challenge - not sure I found it as difficult as my last post made it sound. And that's not just better in hindsightimage 

    I will be back next year to improve but gonna get a few more runs in beforehand now I've got the bug.

  • Ed if your thinking of next year you may get hooked on this running lark, enjoy the journey. I know I am.

    I started 5 years ago, my mind had tricked me into thinking that running was easy, well it was in my 20's when playing competitive sports. At 52 I couldn't run for more than a mile without stopping, my first run was 2 miles, I thought my lungs were going to explode, I got to 10k's in 5 months.

    I on 6 marathons and another planned, lost count onthe  thousands of training miles and races. I have been to some great places but more to do. There's always another challenge. I've avoided the lycra but getting tempted by triathlons, it may be wrong but it's not illegal, is there a cure or antidote?




  • ^^^ I think I am hooked mate - just signed up for Chester Marathon in Oct so got to look at how I make the step up fairly soonimage

    Sounds like you're enjoying yourself so hope I do the same. Like you I don't feel like heading down the Lycra route image

  • Good luck with your trainiing Ed follow a plan, aim to enjoy your first marathon, good on you nothing like pushing yourself, build up gradually to avoid injury.

    I'm signed up for the Yorkshire Marathon and I've got the GNR before that.

  • In another of my 'moments of madness' I decided the cross bay challenge would be a good idea; I have tried to pursuade family/friends to come out to 'play' with me, but they all have far more sense than me so have refused. Being a 'local' I have walked across the Bay four times now and it is wonderful. I was wondering if those of you who ran it could give me any tips on training. I did do the GNR 3 years ago but have'nt really run since, certainly not that distance. As I have plenty of time I was wondering if I would be better training for the distance first; mainly on road, canal a bit of beach, then once I have the distance 'mastered' then do some terrain training; any advise would be greatly appreciated, Best Regards, Debz

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