Helping out with my local Learn2Run course I thought it might be a good idea to have a forum where newbies could make comments, good or bad, ask questions about the schedule, what to wear, how easy/hard you are finding it or just comment on the weather image


  • Are you a Horsham jogger by any chance? image

  • Why yes indeedee image  Did you get sent the link?  I don't wear the costume for training runs image

  • Which link?

    I was going to say I hadn't seen a green fairy yet! image

  • Craig is sending the link to all participants.

    Are you taking part?  Reveal yourself on sunday!

    Perhaps I should wear the costume on sunday to promote this forum image

  • I'm the silly one who gave herself shin splints in the first week image so I've been coming to the talks but not actually running. Its most infuriating!!

  • That was bad luck but we all end up learning the hard way.  Hope you are recovering well.

    I'll be there tomorrow but not running so if you are there please say hello.

  • Really enjoying the L2R Course, nice group to run with - Craig is a great coach. He along with the 'Mentors' / Helpers are very encouraging running with us to make sure we get the right pace. May only be up to 5min run / 1min walk x 3 but it feels great to finish thisimage. Things start to get interesting from next week as the time increases image

    Weather has been good so far - really like the evening runs.

  • Hi Richard,

    The weather forecast for this coming sunday morning is awful but well worth turning out to experience the joy of running in the rain.  Yes, I said joy.  Trust me.

  • Looking forward to that perhaps it's time to get a waterproof top!

    Forecast for Sunday now says dry with sunny spells at first then rain later

    See you on Sundayimage''

  • Really having a ball with the learn to run course and everyone at Horsham Joggers are so helpful and encouraging.

    A little anxious about adding another minute next week and would ideally like to have another week at the 5 min/1 min combo, but can't believe we are half way through already.  5k here we come!!!

  • Enjoyed this morning's run. Can't believe were at 6min next week, now I'm really going to have to get the pace right especially on the return 'uphill' run.

    Craig and his team of helpers are very encouraging so  it's down to me - I CAN DO IT.

    Look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.

  • I LOVE this course. I am not really an 'exercise person' so for me this is a real challenge. I was slightly worried about joining, but everyone is friendly and supportive. I really do think this is brilliant for all abilities. Agree with Richard G - 6 mins is going to be a challenge! But one I am really going to aim to achieve. I have decided each week to try and run in all the running bits by the Sunday -which doesn't make me feel as bad if I have to walk sometimes on the other days. I think Craig and all the helpers - Paul and Verity especially - have been amazing. I just hope I can keep it up. I feel fitter, more confident, happier, and I'm meeting some really nice people! Well done us!!image

  • Hello, I would like to also thank everyone that is showing support for me too!

    This includes the all the Jogger helpers, Craig & of course the other new runners.

    I am having really problems with my Achilles being tight which started before I started this course, all the guys have been so understanding & helpful. (so feel for you Jennga) However it has been so frustrating as I wish it would get better quicker. However I do understand that this will take time & its nice to know that I am not the only person that has had this problem! But I will still keep pushing on as much as I can, & will try not to let it beat me, as it would be quite easy to give up when the suckers feel like they are tighter than Homer Simpson in spandex! 

    So god knows what they will be like tonight & for the next coming week at 6 mins & walk 1!

    But Here Goes! xx

  • Hey emmiewoo, turns out my problem has stemmed from very short achilles so the motion of running has pulled on my calves which is causing all sorts of issues!

    I have been doing stretching exercise, and going on lots of walks. I can run, but as soon as I stop my calves go into spasm and it hurts like crazy, so will be a while before I am up to speed.

    I will be there for the talk tonight but not join in for the run image




  • Loved tonights run with the change of scenery.  I have now found my pace and can't wait to do it again on Thursday.

    Everyone is doing so well and it has been great to meet so many new people that are so encouraging and more so, that run at my pace to encourage me along - thank you Paul and Craig, our chats get me through at times when I want to give up!

    Keep up the good work all and see you Thursday xx

  • Well done to everyone today.  There was a great atmosphere after the run and absolutely everyone was buzzing.  You are already 'runners' and I think that sunk in today after 8 mins running/1 min walking x 3.  Progress is evident with everyone and it's good to see you all noticing this in yourselves.

    There is more training to get through on this course but after today I feel you'll all be looking forward with optimism rather than trepidation.

    16/30 runs done and not a drop of rain image 

  • Really enjoyed the run on Tuesday can't believe I ran 24mins image
    A BIG thank you to Craig and all the helpers for their continued support and enthusiasm to keep us running.

    Forecast is for light Drizzle/Rain for Thurs evening so may be our first 'wet run'image


  • With the hot weather here and the need to take on fluids I'd like to point out that Sainsbury's have Powerade at half price.  Worth stocking up.  Don't get the 'lite' version.

    Sports drinks are not usually necessary until doing at least 45 minutes hard graft as they replace minerals which are lost through heavy sweating, but as it will be hot these days you can be excused for indulging.  But don't just drink it to quench thirst if not exercising.

    Have fun in the sun image

  • Thanks for the advice. Not tried these before. Just bought a pack of 4 for £1.89

    Gone for the cherry flavourimage

    Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning

    Richard G

  • This link goes to an interesting article concerning running in hot weather and an even more interesting 'fact' that sports drinks should not be used ALL the time:


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