I am back to being a beginner having just got in to 5K running before getting pregnant.


Now with a small baby opportunities to run are few and far between so I am considering a treadmill... does anybody have any tips on buying second hand machines?


Thanks in advance....


  • try Preloved - there's always a bargain on there.

  • Invest in a babyjogger instead. That way you can both enjoy it. Plus treadmills are a bore. 

  • Agree with Chappers - a decent babyjogger is much cheaper than a decent treadmill.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Depends on how small baby is, can't use a babyjogger till he/she is about 6 months and not always practical at night/in the dark, depends when you are going to be running.  Having said that I loved our jogger image  

    What do you want from a treadmill?  I have an I-run, folds up flat against the wall in the living room.

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