Any London recommendations?

Since falling down the stairs at the gym 2 years ago, I have been plagued with ankle pain! Can anyone recommend a sports therapist/physio/miracle-worker in the London area? I've seen loads advertised in the yellow pages but I always prefer recommendations!

Hope you can help!!!


  • I'd definitely recommend Milligan & Hill physiotherapy. 16 St Helen's Place, EC3A 6DF (v. near Liverpool St station).

    It costs £41 for half-an-hour and they can usually book you in for the next day. They start appointments at 8am, so you can even go before work if you're in the city.

    I've been seeing a lovely guy called Keith Day who definitely knows his stuff and understands how runners think and behave! He's done wonders for my injured hip flexor muscle in just 3 weeks, and has done his best to keep me race-ready for a half-marathon in 2 weeks time. Say "hi" to Keith if you get an appointment with him (although he'll know me as Sonia Storr - not running bear!)

    Hope they can help!

  • I've had excellent treatment at Bupa Wellness, Barbican Centre, though I think the last physio I was seeing has since moved on. Because it is a sports clinic you can be referred to any other speciality (eg. orthopod, podiatrist) as necessary.

    Hope you get sorted out!
  • Thankyou so much for your recommendations - it's really appreciated.

    I'm picking up the phone now!
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