beginner with sore knees inflammation HELP/ADVICE PLS!!

Hi I'm wondering can u help me pls I'm in need of advice /re-assurance desperately, u seem to know a what ur talking about. so here goes: I am 27 year old female about 5 ft 4 and 9 stone about 3 weeks ago the guys in work managed to talk me into running the 10k for Lisburn marathon fun run. I didn't really realise at the time how far the distance was or didn't actually think about it too much I used to b a Gud runner in school at the 800 metres n came 2nd in all the schools in n.ireland however, that was 10 yrs ago and since that I've had a wee boy and done no exercise but I started off running about 3 weeks ago first I ran about half mile and had to stop twice for walks 2 nd time ran a mile next time nearly two next time two n half then 3 last thus nite. My legs were slightly sore but I still went out again n done 3 on the Saturday night. Of course I realise now this was the whole wrong way of going about getting into running again (so please dont tell me how silly ive been as i really know and feel bad enough!) I also realise how unrealistic it was to to think I will do the 10k without walking however, here is the thing since I went out on Saturday night my knees ( just underneath) them are really sore every time I walk up the stairs or sometimes even walk. I have noticed over the last couple of days there is a slight inflammation underneath. I haven't been able to go out again since saturday and originally after the last run I had planed to giv myself time to recover until thus nite and then run only 1.5 or 2 miles however, after reading through advice online and visiting a pharmacist I've been advised not too run for at least a week since my last run. I've been doing some light leg exercises to help strengthen my muscles  and tonight went for a walk ( about a mile) I started taking Ibrufen yesterday and it helps with the pain to the extent where I almost feel tat they are better but then the Ibrufen wears off and I know it would hurt a lot to run. I know it's my own fault as I've done too much too soon. But the thing is I love running now it makes me feel great and although I will walk / jog the 10k I will carry on following a good programme to keep me running as I love the way it makes me feel. The thing I've had someone say to me maybe running just isn't for you maybe ur not cut out for it... I don't want that n I really really hope it isn't the case!! I also had a gait analysis n was told I'm running normal ( foot landing straight) and bought the correct trainers to go with this.. The man in the shop and the pharmacist both think hat perhaps I just did too much too soon and that also as I was running on ground/ pavement there is no give at all for your muscles/ joints. The pharmacist I spoke to today said it didn't look like anything is actually wrong with my knees as such because of where it is underneath and it feels oft he said there isn't really anything that would help take the inflammation away apart from rest mild leg exercise and perhaps massage. I'd love to hear ur opinion of what you think? And how long you think I will need to rest any advice is so greatly appreciated ???? 


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    Look at a couch to 5k programme and start there.

    most of them suggest three runs a week any more and most give up. 

    they will be walk run program's so walk for x minutes the run for 2 minutes... And over the weeks you build up to running 30 minutes or 5k, then you can get a 5 to 10k program.

    you've got appropriate trainers, so just take it gently as well try to run if you can on grass in parks rather than in roads as that might be a bit softer and help you.

    Rest for a few days, maybe put some ice bags on the legs see if thst helps relieve them then start with a stuctured 0 to 5k program and see how it goes. 


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    Don't worry- just rest long enough to get them settled, and start again more gradually. Anterior knee pain ( ie just behind/ below the kneecap) is not sinister, and is a very common complaint in a sudden increase in mileage ( classic sufferers are army recruits).

    If it doesn't settle quickly- get a sports physio to lok at you- probably more used to running over-use injuries than your GP, who might just tell you to stop running, which is obviousl one solution, but not the best by any means. I was plagued by anterior knee pain in my 20's, and now run marathons/ ultras in my 40's, so no reason to despair!

  • Awk thanks so so much for your great advice and replies really appreciated!! And has give me a great smile on my face alsothat my knees feel a lot easier today however I will not go out again untill it is totally awayimage


    Thanks again i now feel very relieved!!

  • Lady runner I have done the lisburn half and the 10k course seems nice and flat. Ignore that person who said running may not be for you especially as you raced at 800m.  Someone once said that to me and I have did 4 marathons since. 

  • Awk thanks so much info 77 ur comment means a lot!! X

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