what makes trainers smell?

Phoooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeee


  • mine make the stairwell smell of cat wee.

    i know that because someone left a note. and a small can of odor-eater in the neck of the shoe.

  • Wash them, fairly easy

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I had the builders in once. They phoned me at work to say they had evacuated the house because of a gas leak in the hallway (where the boiler is). When I got home I discovered a bunch of workmen outside the house and inside it were ... my old Nikes.

    I think the cause was that they had gotten soaked plenty of times and not dried out properly before being used again, so they were blooming and fermenting between the footbed and the insole.

    I guess I'd kinda become used to the smell. image

  • I think the gel in Asics (which the manufacturers call AHAR for some reason and I have to say that in an Alan Partridge voice) is actually derived from solidified cat-pee. I'm not sure what setting agent they use but they seem have solved the viscosity issue without resolving the odour. It works well at putting people off nicking them from the porch though (although they do attract the neighbouring kitties) image

  • Mine are kept in the boot of the car in plastic storage boxes to keep the smell in - I wash them about once a month - I did have an occasion to give a boss a lift to the station - he truly had his head out of the window. Sat on a crowded commuter train once a friend moved and said to me in a loud voice I'm sorry your trainers stink!!!

    Trouble is I don't wear socks which seems to make it worse. 

  • I've only ever had smelly shoes when they have got wet and I've forgotten to take them out of the carrier bag to dry for a few days.  Based on that piece of information, I would suggest that you aren't airing your shoes enough after runs were you sweat a lot or your shoes get wet.

  • ''what makes trainers smell?''

    When travelling in a carriage a woman said to Dr. Johnson..''Sir, you smell''.

    To which Dr. Johnson replied, ''No, Madam, you smell; I stink.''

  • my feet

  • Mine don't smell image

    I make sure they get thoroughly dry after each use.

    However, it's usually casued by bacteria which feed on the sweat and it's what THEY produce that smells.

    Some people just have smellier bacteria than others.

  • Simply love the smell of brand new trainers.

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