Seriously RW admin, sort it out!

Every single weekend for the past several weeks the boards are filled with spam posts about fake (this week they're novelty) passports/driver's licences/ official paperwork.

Now, I know that admin on this site is piss poor at the best of times, with minor issues either being ignored or followed up in ultra slow motion, but has no one at RW towers considered that the weekly weekend bombardment of the boards may merit some weekend working hours? Or is the website and it's members (subscribers or otherwise) not worthy of respect in the form of communication and basic site maintenance?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Oh I don't know, once in a while someone might fancy a trip to see the San Francisco 49'ers play the Chicago Bears taking with them a prostitute on a fake passport.

  • I can see how some spammers could be hard to detect automatically but when the titles of the threads say "live" and "streaming" or "fake" and "passport" then it should be a doddle to stop surely?

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Betcha DF3/Joseph would have this sorted no bother..............Oh wait, perhaps....

  • Grr, doesn't it make you feel like you want to mess about with their webite, cos they never listen to the complaints...


  • I wonder what BenRW has to say about this? 

  • I don't expect an answer from him in the next few days, and if/when he does, I expect it to be the "we're not ignoring you, we're just busy" tack, in the stroppy tone, that has been adopted recently.

  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)

    I wonder what BenRW has to say about this? 

    Given up on RW staff themselves now ... as time and time again they have shown (despite the 'sugared' words) incapable of controlling the real villains of the piece .... step forwards (no so) Immediate Media who actually 'run' the website.

    It is these charlatans who you should be directing your ire towards, as these are allegedly the tech people (from my experience of them to date, their 'tech' skills appear to be of the level of a pre-pubescent teen with a pirated copy of Microsoft Frontpage 98, and an empty box of Kleenex!), that are responsible for the whole Runners World UK website.

    Oh and it goes higher too, as the board of directors of Natmag-Rodale, are also fully aware of what is going on re: spam etc (wonder how that happened), but again .. nil action, so make of that what you will !

  • I'm assuming it's lunch time in the RW admin office, given the spamming that is currently present on the boards.

  • Well, they won't be seeing this thread, as it's not on "website bugs"

  • In which case Mike, thread has now been duly reported to the moderators, so now there is no excuse, other than pure sloth of course!

  • HI everyone,

    Thanks for the feedback. We delete spam as soon as we get the mod reports in and do our best to keep the forums tidy but unfortunately we cant constantly monitor everything on the forum.

    Thanks, Annie 

  • Wow, a whole eight hours later and we get the usual brush off.

    Annie, you don't have to monitor the forum constantly, a look in at about 8am every Saturday will give you plain sight of the bombardment of spam.

    May I respectfully suggest that you print off this thread and all of the rest of it's ilk, pass it to your supervisor and them to pass it to their shift manager, who can then pass it to their office manager, who can then take it to their manager, the IT manager, the area manager, the team committee....... all to point out the simple fact that users of the site are unhappy with the way things are being handled. 

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    Annie, it has been suggested on numerous occasions that a delay be implemented between registration on the site and the ability to post or create threads. Is a spammer likely to bother registering in advance and then returning?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Should have given the job of sorting this out to DF3 (for a fee) and while there, put him charge of moderating the whole forum.

    Instead you banned the guy. 

    Just a thought. 

    I ignore the spammers except to tell them to 'f' off on occasions.

  • aha, it all becomes clear now what the fuckwits at Immediate Media have been doing.

    Instead of fixing the website and making it useable, stopping spambots from littering rubbish across their site, or putting in place measures to deal with hackers .. the wonderful little darlings have been creating little 'pop-ups' to annoy their remaining users even further.

    Immediate Media, and be assocation Runners World ... you haven't got a fucking clue!!!

    If you are capable then may I suggest looking up the story of Nero, and Rome burning .... it may have some pertinence here ! (and yes I am aware of the theory that he wanted it to burn ... which again seems to fit!)


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Out of interest, why does this stuff matter so much?  Just ignore it.

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