should i tri this

am a total beginner, have just done my first marathon (4h25min).
But i'm thinking of tri (considering doing the London Tri), in order that the varied training will be enjoyable.

I did a bit of competition swimming when i was a child, but no competitive or serious swim training since.

I know absolutely nothing about bikes but have been thiking of asking father xmas for one to begin multi-sport training.

Am i realy mad to consider this tri caper (and London Tri)???????.
I also live in Italy (where they are bike mad) but do not seem to have many tri clubs, so will train on my own as i do for my running.

comments, advice , encouragement would be welcome.

Thanks Macky.


  • Why not? But surely you can find a couple of sprint events in Italy to try first? Not because you couldn't handle the distances, it's hard to explain, but there's more to tri than just plain swim/bike/run. It's more a combination of dealing with all your equipment, transitions from one discipline to the other, the way your legs feel when you climb off the bike and try to run, etc etc. Plus open-water mass swim starts can be quite a shock. London Tri is probably too highly competitive to be a good choice for your very first attempt. Maybe others on here will have a diffeerent view, but that's my two cents' worth.
  • You have done the marathon excellent well done just do some swimming and take advantage of the bike friendly country you are in and sign up for an ironman next year. You have loads of time and its the only distance worth doing. No problem. Do some shorter ones as training races and to get the feel of it and you will soon get the hang of it. Good luck.
  • The London Triathlon is extremly easy, you will be fine. Go for it! However, I am sure there are far more interesting triathlons in Italy than the London Triathlon. You swim in water where you can hardly see your own hands! The bike course is incredible boring, like cycling in an industrial park. The run are 4 loops out and back, if there would be no incline you would really fall asleep :) I would choose any other event over London!
  • thanks guys,
    went swimming this morning and saw some tri info on the board, so will try to contact these people for info on local events.
    we have a tri in Grado (30mins from me) i think it's in September, so if i can get some progress, i'll give that one a go and hopefully some smaller races before hand.

    now, off to the bike shop next week to try and suss that out a bit, which i think will be the most difficult thing to learn. as i know nothing apart from wheels, frame, handlebars and pedal!!

    thanks again

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