Quad ache for months

I've been running for many years however in the past year I have increased the training from just two or three times a week to six times a week every evening after work.  Up until two months ago I have been injury free however now I have picked up a quad injury which won't seem to go away.  The pain in my quads can better be described as a constant dull ache which has massively impacted my training.  Previously I was running over 30 miles a week however now I am unable to run more than 4 miles at a time and only at a fraction of the speed.  I've slashed my mileage and taken up swimming to help rest my quads yet they still can't seem to recover.  They ache after a mile or so upon starting a run and this pain continues when I'm at rest and even just sitting or lying down.  Has anyone come across this before  or can offer advice for how to speed up the recovery process? I'm seeing a physio and have seem to have exhausted all options.  I am just so keen to get back on with some proper training!



  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Hi Jen

    If there has been no sign of bruising or 'black and blue' (i.e. blood) it is unlikely to be a tear in the quad. Probably a strained muscle.

    There is a lot of big deep muscle there and it might take time to go completely. Remember when the body is injured it starts to repair immediately. This has bothered you for two months so that is a lot of time to repair.

    I would suggest a massage and if you can get a bicycle or exercise bike give that a go to exercise and keep the muscles flexible. I think your fear of what might happen is probably greater that the pain/dull ache.

    Good luck.

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    I had quad pains for ages last year; about two months. Plenty of foam rollering on the quad and the ITB helped. The roller does hurt quite a bit but feels much better afterwards.

  • thanks image i've been trying foam rolling for the past few weeks so i'll keep on doing that and hopefully things will improve more. just desparate to get on with some proper training again! the only thing i've really been able to do is sprint work as short fast stuff doesn't hurt whereas steady runs of any distance at all appears a problem. i'm mainly a half marathon runner so want to get back to all the long stuff!


  • Where abouts on your quad is the pain?  Does it hurt to stretch your quads?   If it truly is "constant" 24hr pain you should make an appt with GP ASAP as could be something serious.

    Otherwise, two months is too long for a simple strain to repair itself.  If its ok during short runs but 'cramping up' on long runs it sounds like it is fatiguing so you maybe over using that muscle due to bad running form or weakness in gluts or hamstrings. Recently sounds like it never gets a chance to recover properly if running 6 times a week. 

  • Hey, did your quad ever recover? 
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