Sunday 9th June 2013

Easy when you're number one, everybody says you're having fun.

Especially for RFJ. A 1979 classic, so LMH has no chance,

Today I shall, er, be tired, and get a swim at 1800.


  • Morning

    Rest day today

    The athletics was good yesterday, nice warm weather. Good day out and Miss B enjoyed her Meadowbank debut.

    Lyrics: Nope

    catch up time

  • Morning.

    Yesterdays lyrics were Keep Moving by Madness.

    Blisters - sounded as though you were trying to lure Pammie to the dark side. You are right about your lyrics. I hadn't quite got in to music by then - though I do like a lot of stuff that's older than that.

    Glad you and Miss B had a good day out birks.

    What:                LSR (but only two hours)
    Why:                 schedule
    Last hard:         not eating too much chocolate last night
    Last rest:          27/4

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning LMH

    Yeaj it was an enjoyable day out.

    Well done RFJimage

  • Morning. Jesas - I know those Lyrics and wished I didn't.

    Birks - love your rant/ statement regarding bikes - leather pouches/ spons etc. Tell me what is the difference time wise in your opinion between the "planet X", "cervelo" etc with flat bars, pointy helmet, wide rim/ solid wheels and a decent road bike with good set up with a pair of aero bars strapped on???  One fella said to me that the biggest difference is that those "in possession" simply have an expensive bike!!

    For me today its a long run.... must go



  • Morning all

    What 20ish LSR
    Why HR discipline
    Lyrics Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh! Yes

    Was only 11 at the time but was into this and the Flying Lizards etc.

    Programmed the Garmin to set the HR between 135 and 145 over 15 miles which should have seen me back at home at a reasonable time. However got carried away turning right over the A40 heading out on my 21+ route. Finished the 15 and opened up the legs for a bit of oomph. It took me over half a mile to realise that I needed to restart the Garmin but hey ho I'm still on a learning curve. Good news is that I managed to keep the HR to about 140 +/- 1 over the initial 15 miles.

    Now for abit of brekky and some gardening.

  • Paddy - the guy who did my bike size the other day told me that I could expect an extra 2mph on an aero bike if I could stay in a good aero position - I know that I get an extra mph when I put my lighter race wheels on my old road bike and about the same if I'm riding aero rather than sitting up so it makes sense.

    postie - I like the Flying Lizards too.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Lyrics: no

    What: 10 mins only.

    Why: ankles both sore plus long drive to see mum.

    Back tomorrow to see Q of P

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Well done RFJ - a win is a win image

    And some good long running / riding happening too on here image

    Did a double yesterday - 6 miles easy in the morning and a 2.5 mile fundraiser with the guys from work in the afternoon. It wasn't timed or chipped or anything. Just a fun thing to raise money for less fortunate children. Then I went shopping for a smart phone. Oh my image  completely knackered me out. I'm too dumb for this kind of thing ... now my phone is smarter than me image

    what: 20 miles on the bike
    why: tired legs from running
    last hard: the phone thing above
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: no

  • 2 mph - time to start saving!!

    Managed 12 1/2 miles with the blister on my right foot giving gip every time the foot hit the ground. I wish that it would heal!!! Mind you running on it probably not helping. Bring on tomorrow. Talking to organiser of Tri on 6 July today. The local club doing a rehearsal two weeks before and he has asked if I would like to take part - good news - now have to side step a night out that's been arranged for the night before!!

    Never liked the Flying Lizards - they gave me the creeps!!

    Ale hopefully complaining about ankles means that the calf is much better.



  • Oh and f*** ya blisters - that song going around my head now and I'm not enjoying it "ina gcónaí ar an oileann"!!

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    hello all, 
    nice win RFJ, and as chicka says some decent miles clocked up either on the feet or the wheels.
    Blisters acurately portrays why I will never be a biker. I have a teenage daughter (with another next year) so why do I need a further money pit?
    what - nothing
    why - school summer ball last night. Got home at half 3. Up at 8 for kids athletics fixture, me on Under 11 duties (38 boys, 39 girls)
    Eldest won her hurdles, andher shot and added more points in the 300m. Then opened the relay team to 1st. Youngest eased away from the field to win the 1200, 2nd in hurdles and also threw some javs , think she was 2nd or 3rd 'b' scorer. 
    I'm tired now, so ticking off the minutes to bedtime...
    last rest - arguably today
    last hard - definitely today..

    have a great evening

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Blisters - Trying to tempt  me  are ya? Fraid  i'll have to put up with my hybrid for the moment  as not in position to buy a road bike really got the  bike as I needed transport taxi fares too expensive  long story I hadn't biked  in  a good long while so it was a confidence issue drop bars and skinny tyres  scare  the  living daylights out of me. Don't plan to do tri or a dualathon or  even these time trails  maybe  long rides for fun

    Though  my training  doesn't  look like it at the moment I love  to run

    Paddy - Flying Lizards I can't remember them though all this talk about  them I confused them for the flying picketts  I guess totally different


    No running  long day - just zoomed  by  work went  well cycled there and back

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    only song I know by the flying lizards is 'money' ...


  • What: drive home along with swim
    Why: heading back from Dirty 30
    Last hard - see above
    Last rest today
    Lyrics: almost (so that's a no)

    Great day out on Saturday. Very hot (for us) at apparently 25C. Stunning views and very varied course. TIme not so stunning - I couldn't run a lot of the rough off road stuff - but got around fine.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Good running from the Dustin Dependants, well done

    Good long runs from Paddy and Postie and LMH

    Chickadee, good miles on the feet and wheels

    10.25m for me... few knee issues as have chipped a bone or have a calcified blood clot that has decieded to sit on top of my knee cap (patella) no issues for running so says doc, but very very painful if knocked / lent on.... only found out about it by kneeling down yesterday..... a big ouch... will teach me not to fall over at the end of marathons.....

    Take care

  • Oh shit - Lizards I don't know - Pickets I was giving out about - DOH

  • Flying lizards? As far as I recall they must have been a bit of a flash in the pan, and a Google reference to Wiki uses the phrase one-hit-wonder. Money (That's What I Want) was it. However, the TV has repeatedly utilised it in sound tracks so the lyricist will have a small income.

    Birks, glad you and little un enjoyed the stadium athletics.

    LMH, if you can run 2 hours you are allowed chocolate. EAT.
    It's not rocket science to realise that the biggest contributor to cycling drag is the rider's upper body. Although thunder thighs on the Cervelo P2 destroyed that theory.

    Dustin, there is always a law of diminishing returns in cycling. We are runners. Start off with a Massey Ferguson engine. A standard bike off ebay, and some gentle coaching in gear utilisation. Get the body dropped to a lower postion and bingo. Sorted. You can go from your £500 investment and add £2000 if you wish. It will make you faster, but money pit is a good analogy. Personally, I invest in the engine.
    Oh yes, your offspring appear to be doing well.

    Paddy: It's easy when you're number one, everybody thinks you're having fun.
    ...Living on an island by Status Quo.
    If ever there was a track that opened a window into the world of the tax avoiding nouveaux rich, this is it. There are many tracks which paraphrase the "bored and on tour" story. But this one simply says "I've got too much money". They have released another "record" which has the same thought process.

    Postie, that sounds like a very technical 20 miles. I just run and report the results.

    For me, it was jobs day. Cleaning stuff, tidying stuff, murdering a tree. Crown lifting and thinning if you must be technical. As Paddy would say, "Bajeesas there's more tree in that poyle than there is in that tree."
    OK, I went swim training and shock horror. Some of the old sages from the club turned up and I WASN'T SLOWEST! Good work out though. Hey this was truly a first, I must tell the wife.

  • Damn

    Was so convinced the lyrics were Leena Lovich that I didn't bother to ceck with google, a far classier act than Status Quo

  • I can't actually remember anything she did.

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