• I'm starting one of the programmes from the link you posted. I've decided on 'Advanced 1'. Start Monday 1st July. I've been running for a few weeks now, 7 miles is the most I've done so far, so a bit nervy about the 10 in the first week but I'll have a go. Started getting out for shorter runs a bit more often, buzzing today that I managed to up my pace a little, first time I've got away from my very slow plodding. How different is the course you're doing to the area you're training in?

  • One more thing. Since I've started to run a bit quicker, my achilles feels a litte bit tight. Is that it strengthening or weakening?

  • 1st July sounds as good a time as any Biggun image  (Oct Marathon?) Well done on the 7 miles but be careful trying to speed up AND go further. Maybe try 8-8.5 over the weekend? would make 10 miles less of a challenge next week.

    Loch Ness has (about) a 2000 foot decline and 1000 foot incline so just about all my runs over 10 miles will equal the incline - need to spend time running downhill and on the flat I guess as well as improving my speed/HRR% on inclines - and to think I thought running was easy lol

    Can't answer the achilles thing with conviction sorry - does it ease as you run? if so it could be strengthening, either way maybe hold off on the faster runs for a bit whilst you get into the training schedule and look on youtube for some stretches for it. Are you using for your paces? they have a great tool there

    Am sure you'll do fine and look forward to your progress over the next few weeks/months.

  • I think I'll do the 8-8.5 as I've switched it around a bit and will be doing my long runs on the Mondays. It's November 3rd for me, hopefully. Yours sound great, Loch Ness, hills look a bit daunting to someone like me, I call the first half of Lambeth Bridge a hill. You seem well prepared, good luck with it. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

  • First day of my programme and couldn't run because of a hip injury. Went out the door twice, but couldn't run. Gutted. Already thought I'd left things quite late, hadn't even taken into consideration that I might miss time because of injury. Should I just rest for a couple of days, or get it seen to? Had the same problem a few years back, but nothing showed up on an x-ray, they gave me a steroid injection and it's been OK since, up until now. Is it wise to have more than one of those injections?

  • Do you take water out for short runs in this weather? I'd got up to about 7 miles without taking water, had about a 4 mile run today, felt water would have helped.

  • Biggun, sorry, missed your earlier post. My hips seem to hurt when I push the distance up but the next time I run the same distance things seem ok however, if it's a long standing thing them maybe a visit to the doc?

    I tend not to take water with me unless I run 10+ miles but if things are hot then water (or sports type drink) may well help. Am off to France tomorrow and temperature is around 40c! I may well struggle as I'm running to HR so will probs take the camelbak on all runs.

  • Cheers Andi. Good luck out there.

  • Do you lot use a Garmin running watch, or something that breaks down the speed of each mile for you as you're running?

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