Is 32 mins good for your first 5k

hi all I have been training for a few months now, but with my asthma i dont seem to be doing that well, I have just got back from my first 5k and I did it in 32 mins, is this ok? also i must be doing something wrong because half way around i got a blinding head ache and i was also sick after the race please help and tell me if this is normal or what i am doing wrong as i have a 13.3 miler in September and i want to finish it.


  • Good is relative. It was a PB for you though you so that is good.

    It was pretty hot yesterday so perhaps you were a bit de-hydrated afterwards.

    How can anybody tell about your HM. Only you know how you felt after 5K, what training you are doing and how you are going. Keep on running and see how it goes, plenty of time until Sept.

  • You'll expend a lot of mental energy if you constantly compare yourself to others - there'll always be someone faster.  Far more rewarding is working to beat your own best time image


    You've got plenty of time to prepare for a half marathon, but expect to have to run at a slower pace for your longer runs.

  • Ah the classic 13.3 mile distance! 


  • its a great first time  - well done xxx 

    i did my first 5k in january and it was 33 mins  -  i am now down to 26 mins

    i did a 10k in march at 54 mins 

    and today just got home from my first half marathon (st albans) which i finished in 1 hour 56 mins

    i am so pleased

    keep up the training  - keep your goal in mind  - have fun and enjoy image

    i am so excited  - you will get there  - and you will finish it in september  

  • thank u so much for all your comments.

  • I'd say that's fab! I take 45 mins and I don't have asthma. Well done, I dream of that sort of time. Maybe one day!

    when did you begin training?

  • Yes fantastic! You did it...


  • Great running so keep it up. 

  • Well done!

    I ran 5k today in 32 minutes also ( been running for about 5 weeks now). Like someone else said try not to compare yourself to others and just go with you own PB X

  • yes, thats a good time!image

  • Forget time Sheena, enjoy your running and your training.   Keep hydrated.  Keep stretching.

    Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)

    Ah the classic 13.3 mile distance! 

    P.s. Ignore this idiot.  

    For all you know DT, it could be a trail half.




  • IM not sure what Sussex runner meant or what DT means, doing a 13.3 is a big thing for. Thank u for all ur comments x

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    He just means a half marathon is 13.1 miles - at least it better be or I've been easing up .2 of a mile before the end of every half I've run.

    Good luck with it a half mara (and a bit) is an achievement whatever time you do.

  • i have the exact same problem with you (the headaches).. im only young but i find after hard runs and races which i put loads of effort in i will start to be light headed, dizzy and my head would be busting. I dont whether it is normal but since i kept training i didnt keep the same intensity and its helped a lot.. make sure u build it up slow.. its definitely the best and the safest way.

  • They did make the Brighton Half Marathon 13.3 miles a couple of years ago and it didn't go down too well. Canute is just my little pet troll sheena so wouldn't worry what it says. Good luck.

  • Sheena,

    The headache and sickness was probably just nerves as it was your first event.  The most important thing is to enjoy your running and not to worry about those around you.  If you treat your HM as another training run that should help with the nerves. 

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