Energy gels

Can anyone provide me with a link or recommendation of a site where l can buy a multi pack of energy gels.


Finally got to the stage of my running where im past the ten mile mark on my LSR's and can feel me fatigueing after about an hour so going to give the gels a go.

Also gonna take a few haribos out with me too image


  • depends what type you many different makes.and then you have normal gels and isogels....i like the isogels as they are not so gluppy and you don't need water with them....i especially like the one with caffiene for the extra hit......

    best way is to buy some single ones so you know which flavours you like and then start shopping for the best deals.....

  • Pretty much every sports shop online or high street sell them

    Have a google and see what best price you get ?

  • You're probably just not used to running past 10 mile or so ? 10 miles seems a bit soon to need energy gels ?

    Sweeties work out massively cheaper. Runs get expensive if you need gels for them all of the time. Foamy bananas are my faves. image
  • And I just use Kendal Mint Cake! Or sweeties (e.g. Green Ear Percy Pigs, cheap jelly beans).

    Note: you should find that as the runs get longer, after a while you can go further before you need to re-fuel.

  • Tesco have mulit packs of the Tropical SiS ones at the moment...

  • If you like Hi 5 IsoGel you can get 50x60ml sachets for £19.99 +free delivery from

    Its actually £19.99 for 25 sachets but offer at the minute is buy one get one free. I bought some and they come mixed flavours.

  • Amazon sell multi-packs of Gu.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't be buying multi-packs of anything until I'd tried one of each - I couldn't even swallow a whole sachet of Hi 5 Isogel, for example, because it was too disgusting. Go to a running shop and buy one each of a few brands for about £1 each and then buy in bulk when you've worked out which ones you can handle.

  • For less than 90 minutes of running, you should have enough glycogen in your muscles.

    For runs longer than that, I sometimes use Lucozade or other brand (can't remember what) glucose tablets.

    Jelly babies are good, too (and taste way nicer than gels).

  • I'm a half-marathon/10 mile runner and to my mind you just can't beat jelly babies for a sugary rush to get you to the finish line!

    Wilkie may be right about the glycogen levels on runs under 90 mins, but mentally (if maybe not physically) the Jelly babies really do help!!!

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