Well Chuffed

Just got in from my sunday run and have manage to do 10k in 60 mins. I am doing a small local 10k in 3 weeks so I thought I'd better check the course. I thought I was about an 11 min miler having done 2.29 in a half marathon but found I steamed round even up a steep hill.
I just want to share my delight in the achievement with people who don't just say 'So?'


  • Josie,
    Thats great......have a pat on the back form me and keep up the good work.

    You won't need it, but the best of luck for your upcoming race.
  • Well done Josie,
    I know how you feel, its great to tell people who are interested how well you are doing, you just cant hold it in can you.

    All the very best with your 10k,
    keep it up........

    (We never say "So" ! ! ! ! !)

  • Well done Josie! That is very good.
    I know how you feel, you just want to tell the first person you see after the end of the run.
    I did 10k in 67 mins yesterday and I was quite pleased with that. I'm doing my first 10k race in 1 week and I hope I can do the same again. Good luck with your race.
  • Hey Josie, that's brilliant. BTW, I'm old - how far is 10K in miles anyone?!?!
  • 6.2 miles, Sassie
  • Thanx!
  • Well done Josie. Isn't it just a great feeling when you've had a good run. All the best in the race!
  • Thanks for the support guys. I'm doing an 8 mile race next Sunday. That will be interesting :-)
  • Well done Josie, let us know how the race goes!
  • well done JJ

    The great thing about this forum is that everyone understands - have a great time next weekend.
  • Well done, Josie. Isn't it wonderful to produce a performance that surprises you so pleasantly?
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