Pirate Tri Top

Hi all, anyone got a large (to accommodate my slowly shrinking belly!) size pirate tri top they are selling?

Want to run in one for the half distance at Whitchurch in August.





  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    Sorry to Piggy Back on this Barnacle - but likewise in terms of size and in terms of event!

    so if anyone happens to have two image

  • I have a 'large' pirate monaco I'm probably not going to use in the forseeable. Used for two IMs but still in v good condition. If you two could just start a bidding war and come back to me...image

    DM me otherwise and we can work something out. First come first served.

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    only fair to let barnacle have first dibs on it image 

  • Thanks Budjude, very fair of you. Sweetfeet I just DM 'd you.

  • Budjude, look forward to meeting you at Whitchurch! 

  • I just responded.


  • Thanks, just replied

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    no worries mate. hopefully i find one for myself before whitchurch!

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    Any other pirates racing the ultimate half in whitchurch 18th August??

  • The deal is done and the top is on its way to Barnacle. Great communication excellent payer A++++++ image

  • Thanks sweetfeet , looking forward to competing in Pirate colours at Whitchurch in August! Thanks for dispatching the top so promptly. 

  • Hi Sweetfeet, the top arrived at my brothers address today, thanks very much.


  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    Just out of interest Barnacle - what sort of time are you aiming for in the Ultimate Half?

    if were the only two pirates racing there - please dont embrass me by finishing a couple of hours ahead image

  • Don't worry about that Budjude its my first half distance and I've only been training for 6 months so the  first thing I did was check that the old make the cut off times! I'm hoping about 45min for the swim, 3 1/2 hrs for the bike and then 2 1/2 for the run? image

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    likewise in terms of being a first timer at the distance.

    Just hope i finish; god only knows on the times, if everything goes 100% i would hope to be around 6 hrs, but more likely i think i will be 7hrs, so we could be on for a sprint finish....................

  • just to finish would be fine for me as well! Hard to estimate times when it's into the unknown ! Don't know about a sprint finish, don't think I'll have much sprint left in my legs by then! image

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    maybe just a faster shuffle to the line race instead!

    least i can confirm there is pretty much no hills knocking around - bike course is flat, but i think it might be on semi busy roads which might be 'interesting'

    i cant wait - 62 days and counting

  • That's good news. Run is meant to be flat too. I,ve booked myself a place on the open water swim session the wed before the event, just to se what the lake is like to swim in. then we are coming over to Whitchurch on the Friday and staying at a hotel till sunday, so hoping get out on the bike and run course. Are there bike lanes marked on much off roads road course? 

    I'm looking forward to it as well, going to be a challenge! image

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    I am pretty lucky as I know the area well, being fairly local and actually drive a good chunk of the bike route every day to get to work – the far turnaround point is actually in front of Muller where I work.

    The road is a busy one – often with a lot of traffic on it, usually lorries / trucks so that will probably prove the biggest issue on the day, part of it is down a dual carriage way as well. But there really isn’t any major hills, more what I would describe as a couple of gentle rises so I would predict fast bike splits / mph’s. And a fair few roundabouts on the route – hopefully they will be well marshalled.

    The plan is to do a lap of the route at some point on my bike, just to ensure its as flat as it appears in a car and to try and spot any major potholes lurking.

    I plan to do one of the swimming nights as well – mainly to practise the process of doing 750 metres getting out, running and then doing another 750 metres. From what  have heard the water is as clean as you can get.

  • That's all sounds good. I am working in Saudi at the moment so nearly all my training is on the flat (Apart from some hill training on the tourbo trainer!) I have to get my long bike rides in early in the morning, starting at 0430' while the local as are still asleep or the roads get too dangerous because of the terrible driving out here! 

    My open water swimming has all debentures in the sea, so I want to see now different the fresh wafter lake will be. 

    If you get out on the bike course let me know what you think. 

    thanks for the all the course updates. Good luck with your training. 

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    i managed to do a chunk of the bike loop course yesterday and its like i thought -

    busy with trucks - which might be an issue come race day

    a few mammouth pot holes

    and flatter than a flat thing image



  • Shame about the trucks but good to know its flat!  How's your training going? I've upped all my milage And managed a couple of 1.2 mile open water swins in the sea. Temp is up in the 40's here now( I'm a Brit expat working Saudi at the moment) having to do a lot of my riding on the indoor trainer, or go out before the sun comes up! 

    Thanks for the course info, much appreciated! 

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    I did my first Olympic distance tri at the weekend and found the swim, bike went pretty well as did the transitions – but I struggled on the run so I think I need to up that element of my training. Hopefully the struggles were down to the heat as I couldn’t get my mouth to be anything other than completely dry, horrible run of 55minutes


    Hopefully they can do something about the traffic on race day as otherwise there will be a lot of annoyed people around come the day – especially as the full distance is 4 loops of the same route.


    It’s only 34 days away now J

  • That's a good time for your oylimpic distance, nice one! I would be more than happy with 55 min for the 10km. 

    I was out hit his morning at 4 am and got 40 km in before it got too hot. Running this lunch time(treadmill, but it better than nothing!)

    34 days and counting! Looking forward to it, just hope I've done a enough training to get around in haof decent time! 

    I've managed to download the bike course on my Tacx and have rode the loop a few times now. It's is flat as you say. Easy on the indoor trainer with no trucks about! 

    Well done on the oylimpic distance! Looking forward to meeting you next month.did yo manage to get a Pirate Tip in the end?


  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    i did borrow a top, but it was to small for me - kept riding up when i went for a run - so it looks like you will be the sole pirate on the day !

  • budjude I've got a XL monico you can borrow if you like just take care of it we've been through a lot together. Afraid as we have been through a lot together there are a couple of blood stains on it if your happy with that. Can never get the blood of it. image

    If you message me with a address I can have it posted out to you the week before the race as going to need it the weekend before this one.

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    Quality cheers mate will do.

    you wear it out on a saturday night to get the blood stains in it, surely you cant have fallen off with it all - you seem so professional image

  • image Professional me? Mate have you not been warned yet I'm a right muppet. image

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    isnt everyone on here? (thought that was the point)

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