Asics Kayano or GT 2000?

Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice!  I recently won a competition for entry to the GNR and a free pair of Asics trainers.  I don't live anywhere near the running shop (its in Manchester and i'm in Edinburgh) so I can't go in for a fitting and they've agreed to post the shoes to me.

Looking at the Asics site (and the website offering the free pair) and i've narrowed it down to either the Kayano or GT 2000.  Can anyone help me decide?  I'm a mild-moderate overpronator with low arches, but i don't like a lot of underarch support as i get blisters under my arch when the shoe has too much support in it.  I'm currently running in Brooks Vapour 10's and they're great for my long runs, but i'm also trying out Saucony Mirage 2's for short runs in a move towards more minimalist shoes. 

I'm happy with my current shoe choices, but i'm not going to pass up the chance of a free pair of shoes!  can anyone offer any advice?  I don't want to be a complete girl about it and go for the one with the best colours!!


  • The Kayano is a more expensive shoe, so should be plusher (that's the theory!) and they have got progressively less supportive over the last 3-4 iterations.  So much so, that 'runningshoesguru' says they are let-down for mid- to severe- overpronators.  This means that they might be great for you, if you prefer lighter control.

    The 2000s have their posting in a similar place to Kayano, so in theory, they should offer similar support but with less high-end features.

    Seriously, I'd pick the colour you like best - there's probably not much between them!image

  • Thanks that's really helpful, the Kayano are the ones in the colour that I like too - so seems the best option all round! image

  • Ive have both the Kayano and the 2000's. I much prefer the 2000's though, I find them better on long runs for support. The Kayanos feel a bit too spongy for me and not enough support in the toe box. Its personal preference though try both pairs and see which fits best. Both are excellent running shoes.

  • Thanks I've ordered the Kayanos, so i'll see how I get on with them!

  • Im in the same boat, how did the Kayanos turn out?

  • I haven't had them out on a long run yet, but they seem fine.  There isn't much support at all in them, so if you need more support, I'd probably go for a different one. They're good for me though!

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