Clarendon trail marathon - October

Just entered :-]     The organisers are keen for PR so here is a plug for the event...if you have just done South Downs you may like this one too.


  • GM, I ran the SDM and am intending to enter the Clarendon Marathon. I have a leaflet which advises the race is 90% off road, and follows the Clarendon Way over country track and paths. Sounds similar to the SDM but should be less strenuous. There is also a half marathon and relay.

  • Thought I'd bring this one up to the top again. Has anyone done this race before, and can they please give a brief description of what it's like.

  • I did the marathon last year. Good event. It was an overcast day, so I am sure the views were not up to what they could have been. Nice small field for the first half, then we joined the back of the half marathon which meant alot people to overtake! Definitely recommend giving it a go.

  • RH, thanks for that, I think I will give it a go.

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