HI, I wonder if anybody can help me.. I went to the website for the Egyptian Marathon next year, hoping to register, but apparently you have to book the hotel as well... You have to send them the money by electronic transfer, then they'll confirm the hotel and the marathon with you... 

I'm just wondering if it is secure to do this as it seems a bit odd to me..



  • I wouldn't enter any race that tried to force me to book a hotel as well.

    I've never encountered an international a race that didn't accept credit cards for payment either!

    Have you double-checked that you've got the genuine website?

  • I wouldn't be happy having to book a hotel via the race organiser. And while a transfer seems odd, they do do things differently in Africa.

    Without meaning to derail the thread, but the Marrakech Marathon is only a couple of weeks after the Egypt one and from experience is a great event, though prooving what I just said about doing things differently I couldn't enter that in advance and entered in person once I had arrived in morrocco.

  • If its the one in Luxor I did it a couple of years ago. Didn't have to book a hotel with them (only an option) and although we did do a bank transfer we could easily have just paid at Registration. It was a great race which I really enjoyed. Good luck.

    I would contact them to ask about paying on arrival and booking your own hotel as it may have been lost in translation a bit.

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