Longest run mileage/time just completed.

So I joined our local running club, well .. less 'joined' more just tagged along.  Was meant to be doing the medium run but somehow ended up with the long run group.  FInished off 9.3 miles off road/hills/jumps/jungle/ in 1hr23 and manged to keep up with the regulars.  The hill was pretty sick as was the last mile kick - now recovery.

I think that was a test for me considering it's only my 2nd outing with the group and my 5th outdoorsy run.  My brain was ticking over thinking 'will you survive the long run' - mind over matter.

Glad I did it and never thought I would 'enjoy' running.  


  • Nice going - there is definitely a mind over matter issue to running - running with others helps massively.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Idris.............you can never go back now,Stick with that group and you,ll go from strength to strength.

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