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I have been using the Saucony Guide 5's for the last few months (moving from Asics Gel 3020) and really love running in them.  They feel as light as I imagine a well built shoe to feel and I love the fit - so far I have zero complaints.  Well maybe one ... in that the stock for them is starting to dry up with the Guide 6 now out on the market.  So my quesiton follows:

Anyone made the jump from the 5's to the 6's?  Any issues?  I know the only way I will truly know is by going to try them out but just wanted to make sure it was worth the gamble before parting with my pennies.


  • Just asked my friend Louise about this, as she has just got a new pair of the Guide 6 (she also likes the Hurricane 14 but can't find any old stock in her size).  She likes the Guide 6, but thinks that they are narrower than her old Guide 5.

    The official line is that, after the big changes from 4 to 5, the changes from 5 to 6 have been minimal.  But, you might want to try some on first, if you are concerned about that width, especially in the toe area.

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    cheers DR! i may look at the hurricane, whilst the guide 5 isn't exactly pinching on the side, it's not like i have a wide gap either side in the toebox - so will need to look into that.

  • I loved the guide 3 & 4 but hated the Guide 5 -for me the 8mm toe heal offset does not work  and 5 is also very narrow. 

  • i went from 5 to 6. So far 500k in them and no problems - my feet are quite wide and the 6 is a better fit for me. A bit more room midfoot I'd say. I really like them. 

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