Hip problems

I have had chronic hip/ buttock/ lower back "pain" for the last 10 months.  I have quoted pain because it is not debilitating.  I still have full function of my right leg however it feels as though all of the muscles from the bottom of my butt to the SI joint are constricted. At times even my back muscles (on the right side) feel tight.  If I do go for a run my right hip will physically raise to a higher position and my muscles will feel worse.  I check hip heights before and after to be certain, after the run it becomes visually noticable. The V at the lower abdomen is more prominent on the right and is higher than the left.  I have had MRIs of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and right hip (with dye).  the only feedback was a "possible" labrum tear on the right side.  my symptoms do not match this at all though and i am skeptical of surgery at this point.  i am curious if anyone has had a similar issue and or could give me an accurate description of their labrum tear symptoms.  since the issue worsens with running i have been force ld to take a dreaded break.  any info that might get me back on the road would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Have had similar but on left side - diagnosed as sacroiliac upslip. Perhaps you've already eliminated this possibility? My pain was acute and debilitating. Barely able to walk, I went immediately to see a pelvic specialist physio at Londonphysio. Treatment once realigned (I practice Iyengar yoga - it helps enormously) is deep massage to soften muscles in spasm. I've not tried running again yet (still mild discomfort in sacroiliac and hip) but will get advice tomorrow from the physio. She wants to analyse my running gait. I was recently advised by a trainer to change my technique by bringing my elbows in more to avoid less torso swing. The physio thinks the change may have brought on the upslip.

  • I will certainly have to look into the potential upslip problem.  My pain will be in different locations each day.  For instance I will have pain in my SI joint region, the buttock, or the outer  part of the hip.  I is a deep pulling pain as though the muscle is being pulled.  I'll also try out yoga for the next week or so and let you know how it goes.  I know that my ortho will recommend surgery for a labral tear, but i was also considering a couple deep tissue masages before taking such a drastic approach.  I personally believe I have an issue with tightening back muscles and hip flexors and am trying to work out those issue.  I am curious to know how your symptoms progress and what has worked for you.  If you wouldn't mind keeping me updated that would be excellent.  I will let you know how my treatment(s) work as well.

  • yes my pain moves around too. Precisely in the places you mention. Deep tissue massage certainly helps resolve muscles going into spasm. I've just bought a foam roll in the absence of a permanent masseuse or physio, to attend to the ITB tendon and the piriformis, both of which seem to be very sore. If you go to yoga and you've not been before, go to a beginners class with a certified Iyengar teacher and explain your injury. Iyengar works very much on skeletal alignment.

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