Marathon training after PF

As above.

I signed up for Warsaw marathon - taking place end of September.

From the end of April I developed plantar fasciitis - had to back out of HM and basically took the whole month off running. I started easing back in in the last two weeks - following physio advice taking things slowly. So far so good - I am very pleased that the pain hasn't returned. 

Before PF my weekly mileage was about 22, with very little cross-training, last week (second week of recovery) about 13, but with more cross-training 

However, the marathon is in 14 weeks and any training plan indicates I should be doing much more mileage that I am doing now.

What is the best strategy to get back in line with the training plan: maybe concentrate on increase of LSR first rather than general volume and intensity?

I fully expect comments like 'forget it and re-schedule for Spring' - which I will do if PF flares up again, but I would like to give it a good shot if recivery continues. 





  • You can get 12 week marathon training plans starting virtually from scratch so don't panic, the key is slow increases in your long run. Speed work & hill work are also important, I find some long slow multi terrain races are a good pre taper prep.

  • thanks Richard, I must say that 12 week starting from scratch plans will have to include a rather speedy build-up to fit in a few 20-milers. I'm running mainly on trail with some hills so hope this will do. 

  • Keep stretching the calves and hamstrings. Tightness in the leg can contribute to PF returning.

  • Trail gives less impact which is always good & can help with stamina building. Good luck anyway Goji


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