Foot problems - can you advise?

Dear all,

Can you help? Following some great training sessions for the impending Abingdon Marathon, suddenly I found a growth had appeared at the rear of my right ankle. More a knobly extra boney bit just to the right of the rear of the foot and half way between the ankle sticky out bit and the sole of the foot. I went to see a podiatrist and he tells me that it is a deformity common to runners with 'fluid' ankles. He advised wearing a 5mm heel insert and taping the heel up heavily. Now the left foot has decided to come out in sympathy. The pain is right on top of the foot, where the toes bend, between the big and second toe joints.
Can anyone explain a cause for this? Can anyone give any guidance for the marathon in less than 2 weeks time? I don't want to hear 'rest for 4 weeks'! I want to give the race a go!


  • Hi Bob,

    This sounds like a heel spur. If you click on "health" at the top of the page and type "heel spur" into the box you'll be taken to an article explaining more about it and what you can do. Good luck :)
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