• So this loser admits a criminal offence, to Police, and he gets a letter.....

    As usual, soft on crime soft on the causes of crime...

    I can think of a much better punishment


  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    Can we bring back hanging for stupid people?

  • If I exceed a limit through a speed camera I get a fine and points on my licence for 3 years etc and pay higher insurance for 5. Solicit a prostitue and waste police time? A letter.

  • Snap! wrote (see)

    Can we bring back hanging for stupid people?

    In his case by the balls.... I do not think he would want to re-offend too soon

  • His diseased balls would probaly not hold his weight. 

  • It is still worth a try; just keep hanging him from different parts of his body?

  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)

    If I exceed a limit through a speed camera I get a fine and points on my licence for 3 years etc and pay higher insurance for 5. Solicit a prostitue and waste police time? A letter.

    Do you not think you should have been fined/got points etc?  Or do you just want a harsher penalty for the numpty?

  • But don't you think he has a point?

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    I assumed he couldn't get a point.

  • Maybe I should get a conditional peanalty. Like on the condition that I actually did it. Lea, you need to learn to recognise the word "if". Obviously I was highlighting the lack of charges for the man rather than absolution for all motorists. 

  • Well at least she couldn't be done for receiving swollen goods.

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    But could she be done for handling them?

  • oh no, how can i EVER get over my terrible mistake.  I shall go and flog myself as punishment.....

  • If you're flogging things, make sure they ain't knocked off, rite? image

  • Or is the answer legalised prostitution?

    Presumably sex workers wouldn't then be allowed to advertise by stuff like looks or boob size (ony by what services were on offer) and there'd be no criminal offence commited by the client so Mr. Plod could go off chase someone else.

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    Like speeding motorists. 

  • Quite! image

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    Our Police are utterly stupid and incompetent from top to bottom, they let this Tit off with what he did, and they drove a Murderer through three counties to court everyday at a cost of £5 million when there's a jail near the courthouse.

    Whilst they hunt down and jail a whistleblower who had the audacity to question why someone had spent £700 on taxi rides, you couldn't F*****g script it

    WTF is going on

    My OH is a police sergeant and is neither stupid nor incompetant. Some of his colleagues are - but then so are some of mine...

  • I think that institutionally they are like most other institutions - fine until the government start setting targets and changing rules: like schools, the NHS, the Ambulance Service etc. etc.

    Once any job becomes too target-orientated it goes sh*t-shaped. We have a similar project going on at work and it's like nobody cares much about the actual work - only how and when it is recorded (which, incidentally takes as long as the work itself sometimes).

  • image Nothing like a sweeping generalisation to get things going!!


    Barkles wrote (see)

    If you're flogging things, make sure they ain't knocked off, rite? image


    I can't make any promises Barkles!!!image

  • Got any garmins going cheap? image

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    Nick. I hate to think how long you're going to have to wait next time you get burgled!

    But I symapthise. My experiences with the police have not been good, and I'm a nice middle class man with a nice middle class family who doesn't get into trouble. While I appreciate that most of us only come into contact with the police when something unpleasant happens, I think most police I've encountered start with the view that the public are there to be tolerated, barely. Even those I know personally I'm deeply suspicious about. One of them readily admits that he 'likes a ruck'.

    I don't think all police-people are bad, but I do think selection should be way more rigorous.  


  • I've seen the application form and I wonder anyone gets in at all.

    One of two things may be the cause:

    1. There probably has to be an amount of PC box ticking to make sure there's a good prepresentation across age, race, gender, etc. I expect this would be denied officially but we all know how this stuff works.

    2. People get "help" the same as they do with any other CV or application form - they lie or get more literate mates to fill it in for them. 

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    You're probably right. When I was 7, i got in some trouble at school. My Mum took me to the local police station and had them lock me in a cell for a day. The police were happy to do it. The same officer that put me in the cell, PC Gilkes, was the officer that came to our school to talk to the class every term - EVERY TERM.

    That was 36 years ago. How times change.

    Tough job.

  • I think the sort of targets we are talking about here iare different to targetting behaviour, I think that is more likely to be - 'clear 12 cases off your desk in a shift, no matter what they've done', type of targets.

  • and Nick, I am afraid you've got that wrong.... as many do. Come and shadow me. genuine offer

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

     I am quite a respectable sort really, but I do get wound up when I see the scale of stupidity that exists.

    They do lead a nice working life, with little to challenge the institutional culture

    What is your experience of the public sector? Apart from reading the Daily Fail?

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